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SAME Centennial Celebration

100 Years Germany and USA - America's Presence after World War I

Event Description Dr. Sprenger of Mainz University will present the American presence in the Rhineland following WWI. This will cover some technical aspects (e.g., US Military Bridging of the Rhine), but will also cover many cultural aspects of Germans and Americans working and living together. These professional and personal relationships are still a very important aspect of our SAME Post today.  Including presentation, film scenes, & poster boards.

Event Location:  DFAC Conference Room and Virtual

Event Date/Time29 October 2020 | 1130 - Meeting  | 1200 - Presentation | 1245 - Q&A, networking, and optional lunch

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SAME Centennial Celebration 100 Years Germany and USA - America's Presence after World War I
Start Date/Time:
Thursday, October 29, 2020 6:30 AM