HSW Engineering, Inc.

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  • 15711 Mapledale Blvd Suite B
  • Tampa, FL 33624
  • United States
  • www.hsweng.com
  • 813-968-7722
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  • Steven Folsom
  • 813-549-1011
  • sfolsom@hsweng.com

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Incorporated in the State of Florida, with offices located in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Tallahassee, and Gainesville, Florida, HSW Engineering, Inc. (HSW) was founded in 1988 as an environmental services firm. HSW has grown into a full-service engineering and environmental science firm. Staff members have backgrounds in engineering (chemical, civil, and environmental), geology, hydrogeology, soil physics, hydrology, hydrologic (groundwater and surface water) and solute transport modeling, chemistry, ecology, toxicology, GIS and mapping. HSW provides a unique blend of expertise in engineering design, construction management, environmental compliance, permit acquisition and knowledge of state and federal regulations.

HSW has a continuous record of success with federal facility work and military projects, specifically those supporting firing ranges and training facilities. As a contractor under the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) for the US Army Corps of Engineers, HSW provided A/E services managing and performing range and facility design work under 55 different task orders involving nine Districts and 14 installations. HSW has acquired a national reputation for using innovative and streamlined approaches to assess and resolve a broad range of complex engineering and environmental concerns, resulting in substantial cost and time savings. 




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  • Buildings
    Environmental Remediation
    Forensic Engineering
    Hazardous Material Abatement
    Natural Resources
    Parks and Recreation
    Structural engineering
    Value Engineering
    Water Resources Planning

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  • FL

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