EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC

Company Information

  • 225 Schilling Circle Ste 400
  • Hunt Valley, MD 21031
  • www.eaest.com
  • (410) 584-7000
Number of Employees:
Number of Offices in the U.S.:
Number of Offices Worldwide:

Company Business Development Contact

  • Melissa Smith
  • 410-329-5116
  • masmith@eaest.com

Company Description


EA Engineering, Science, and Technology (EA) provides environmental consulting and remediation services in partnership with the DoD. Founded in 1973, EA has maintained successful long-term relationships with the Army, Air Force and the Navy. Quality performance has been key to earning repeat business. EA has completed thousands of projects for the DoD, including environmental restoration, munitions response, compliance, water resources, natural resources and infrastucture projects. EA, a small business under NAICS 562910, 541711 and 541712 (500 people), provides the depth and breadth of services to successfully execute large IDIQ contracts and meet the DoD's environmental challenges.


Company Capability Statement

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Annual Federal Revenue

Professional Services:


  • 541330,541620,541715,562910


  • Asbestos Abatement
    Environmental Remediation
    Hazardous Material Abatement
    Natural Resources
    Unexploded Ordnance Investigations/Removal
    Water Resources Planning

Emergency Response Capabilities

Small Business Categories

Office Locations


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