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In 2011, The Society of American Military Engineers (the "Society") established an Education and Mentoring Fund ("E&M Fund".)  The E&M Fund was established to promote the educational, professional development and mentoring goals of the Society.  In conjunction with the 2020 Strategic Plan creation, the Society filed the necessary IRS paperwork to establish The Society of American Military Engineers Foundation ("Foundation") as a separate 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  The Foundation was established in spring 2016. 

The Foundation establishment creates a separation of the philanthropic objectives of the Society from the Society's day to day operations.  The Foundation will also provide a secure and beneficial repository for charitable and other bequeaths from members of the Society and the public at large.  Initially, the Foundation will accept the transfer of the Society's E&M Fund (approximately $900,000) and will continue to honor previous donor imposed restrictions.  The Foundation expects to grow rapidly through aggressive fundraising campaigns in the years prior to the SAME Centennial in 2020.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to continue to promote the strategic goals of the Society and to support the development and growth of members and future members.  Therefore, spending will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Funding member professional development and career advancement programs, including negotiating certification discounts, and then funding the programs
  • Providing stipends to fund member travel to SAME events
  • Supporting SAME Engineering & Construction Camps
  • Promoting STEM-related initiatives
  • Providing scholarships to students who are pursuing degrees in STEM-related fields

The SAME Foundation annual fund drive is underway, helping to foster engineering leadership for the nation.


Education & Mentoring Fund (E&M)

The SAME Education & Mentoring Fund supported and promoted the educational, professional development and mentoring goals of SAME as expressed in the Strategic Plan. The goals of the E&M Fund were both to engage potential future engineers and to support the ongoing professional development of current engineers. Each year, SAME hosted numerous programs intended to achieve these goals, including workshops, webinars, educational sessions, scholarships, and outreach and mentoring activities. All unused fund in the E&M Fund have been transferred to the SAME Foundation.



The Education and Mentoring Fund Steering Committee approved and implemented the following education and mentoring support to high school and college students and SAME Young Members:

Financial stipends were given to the winners of the following SAME awards to allow the award winners and their spouses to attend the Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo and personally receive their awards at the Honors Ceremony:
  • Tudor Medal for a civilian 35 years or younger
  • Sverdrup Medal for a member of the uniformed services 35 years or younger
  • Young Member Medal for a young member 35 years or younger

Payment for the airfare of up to 10 Young Members to attend the SAME Leadership Workshops.

Financial stipends were provided to Small Posts that desired to send a high school student to one of the SAME Engineering and Construction Camps but could not afford the total cost.

The Education and Mentoring Fund Steering Committee considered requests from the SAME Committees and Councils, and approved those which were consistent with the purpose of the Fund and could be sustained on a continuing basis within the projected revenue generated by the interest from the corpus of the Fund and donations made to the Fund by SAME members each calendar year.

Education & Mentoring Fund Sponsors and Donors

 5-Star Sponsors ($25,000+)


SAME Omaha Post

SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC):

  • 2013 - San Diego, CA
  • 2012 - Saint Louis, MO
  • 2011 - Grapevine, TX
  • 2010 - Atlanta, GA
  • 2009 - Salt Lake City, UT

 4-Star Sponsors ($10,000+)

2004 USACE/SAME Small Business Conference

Academy of Fellows (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004)


Col. Carl F. Baswell, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Dr. Robert Wolff, P.E., F. SAME and Mrs. Phyllis Wolff, ASID




Lt. Gen. John W. Morris, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)



SAME Denver and Pikes Peak Post

SAME Jacksonville Post

SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC):

SAME Polaris Post

SAME Walla Walla Post

SAME Young Members Council

Stanley Consultants

  • 2008 - Minneapolis, MN
  • 2007 - Philadelphia, PA
  • 2006 - New Orleans, LA
  • 2005 - Louisville, KY
  • 2004 - San Antonio, TX
  • 2003 - Seattle, WA
  • 2002 - Kansas City, MO

 3-Star Sponsors ($7,500+)

The Dutra Group

 2-Star Sponsors ($5,000+)

Academy of Fellows (2013, 2011)

Brig. Gen. & Mrs. Walter Bachus, P.E., USA (Ret.) 

Col. Frank H. Walk, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)


 1-Star Sponsors ($2,500+)

Asset Group, Inc.

Bryan C. Chu

Charles S. Higgins Jr., P.E., F.SAME

Col. Jack H. Clifton, P.E., USA (Ret.), F.SAME

Earth Tech


Jean Jennings Brown

SAME Fort Bragg Post

Wade Cockburn, F.SAME

William J. Yang, P.E.

2015 Annual Donors

With gratitude, SAME recognizes the following for donations during 2015:


Platinum Level - $1,000 or More


Gold Level - $500 - $999

Jim Dominick

Mike Noonan


Silver Level - $250 - $499


Bronze Level - $50 - $249


Alvin Lee

Ann E. Mercer

Brian Lally

Cantrece Jones

Christopher Schamel

Dick Rankin

Donn Stiner

GENTERRA Consultants, Inc.

Jeff Repenning

John J. Guth Associates, Inc.

John Kiser

Kellie Sak

Lawrence Levy

Maxwell Jonah

MHF Services

Michael Maier

Orion Construction Corporation

Oscar McNeil

Patrick Garey

Paul Gilbert

Shawn Rumberger

Vansant & Gusler Inc.

Contributors - Under $50

Aaron Burger

Adam Cucci

Albert DiBernardo

Allen Hand

Andrew Knight

Andy Rider

Ashley Towns

ATI, Inc.

Bender Dean Engineering

Benjamin Warsinske

Brad Thompson

Brandon Wing

Brian Ball

Brian Dziekonski

Brian Peterson

Bruce Richards Ware

Carl Sims

Charles Bashor

Charles Hogg

Charles Restivo

Charles Taylor

Chike Monwuba

Christopher Cahall

Dale Synnes

Daniel Blaydes

Darling Geomatics

Dave Robau

David McNeil

David Sroka

Derek McGrath

Derril McDonald

Douglas Taylor

Drew Raw

Ed Mahoney

Edward Rogan

Engineet Advocacy Branch, HQ US Marine Corps

Erick Martinez

Frank DiGeorge

Gary Niro

Gerald Penland

Gregory Pekar

Ivan Cavenall

Iyunade Oduneye

J. Michael grayson

Jacob Worthington

Jacqueline Wittmann

James Bullock

James Butler

Jeremy Hall

John Lang

John Steele

Jorge Monserrate

Joseph Ludovici

Joseph Poliseno

Jury Brown

Juvenal Salomon

Karen Williams

Kevin Loftus

Kimberly Davidson

Kimberly O' Keefe

Kyle Kowalchuk

Leah Proffitt

Linda Murphy

Lisa Kuruvilla

Lisa VanBuskirk

Lonnie Mansell

Mark Blackburn

Mary Roth

Matthew Lesser

Melanie Kito

Michael Beezley

Michael Ellicott

Michael O'Bryan

Michelle Pinkowski

Mike Khalil

Nathan Foust

Pamela Sproul

Paul Krebs

Randall Reichenbach

Raymond Rehrer

Robert Nahabedian

Robert Tyzzer

Samuel Galyk

Stephen Farkas

Susan Lohr

Thomas Matzen

Tim Goyette

Tomoko Matsuzaki

Travis Lindberg

Vince Adams

Vincent Hock

William Cantey

William Treadway

Zachary Sarandos