Contribute to the SAME Foundation

In 2011, The Society of American Military Engineers (the "Society") established an Education and Mentoring Fund ("E&M Fund".)  The E&M Fund was established to promote the educational, professional development and mentoring goals of the Society. In conjunction with the 2020 Strategic Plan creation, the Society filed the necessary IRS paperwork to establish The Society of American Military Engineers Foundation ("Foundation") as a separate 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. The Foundation was established in spring 2016. 

The Foundation establishment creates a separation of the philanthropic objectives of the Society from the Society's day to day operations.  The Foundation will also provide a secure and beneficial repository for charitable and other bequeaths from members of the Society and the public at large.  Initially, the Foundation will accept the transfer of the Society's E&M Fund (approximately $900,000) and will continue to honor previous donor imposed restrictions.  The Foundation expects to grow rapidly through aggressive fundraising campaigns in the years prior to the SAME Centennial in 2020.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to continue to promote the strategic goals of the Society and to support the development and growth of members and future members. Therefore, spending will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Funding member professional development and career advancement programs, including negotiating certification discounts, and then funding the programs

  • Providing stipends to fund member travel to SAME events

  • Supporting SAME Engineering & Construction Camps

  • Promoting STEM-related initiatives

  • Providing scholarships to students who are pursuing degrees in STEM-related fields


The SAME Foundation annual fund drive is underway, helping to foster engineering leadership for the nation.