Fostering Engineering Leadership for the Nation

Since 2016, the SAME Foundation has been supporting the goals and objectives of SAME. With SAME’s next strategic plan in place, we have an enormous opportunity to continue to support the development of the next generation of military, government civilian, and A/E/C industry leaders to propel the Society into its next 100 years. The Foundation provides a secure and beneficial repository for charitable contributions and other bequests from members of the Society and the public at large. We are so fortunate to have an extraordinary group of individuals who have stepped up to lead the SAME Foundation. The Foundation is chaired by Mr. Harold Rosen, F.SAME.

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Foundation Board Nomination Form

The SAME Foundation Board of Directors is currently taking nominations to fill open board positions. The Foundation Board seeks candidates with (a) unquestioned ethics, loyalty and integrity; (b) strong communication skills; and (c) high level leadership positions with military, government and/or industry. Nominators, please collect the following information for your nominee and submit their details below. No self nominations.



SAME Foundation Nomination Form