This Task Force will explore the need for a collaborative forum to address the environmental and public health aspects of A/E/C disciplines. This forum is open to all interested parties and through it, SAME fills a critical gap between the mission to sustain national security and the people who execute it. . It will further identify the needs, requirements and interests of preventive medicine and environmental and public health professionals to determine additional multidiscipline collaboration, professional development and education & training opportunities.

  1. To promote the highest degree of skill, efficiency and professional competence among all environmental engineering, preventive medicine, environmental health and public health personnel in the SAME.
  2. To provide for a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between members of the different Uniformed Services of the United States and civilian/government organizations and to promote the advancement of public health education and environmental health science and engineering.
  3. To represent the professional interests of the COI's members in the SAME and other organizations by promoting and conducting public discussions, forums, panels, lectures or similar programs to advance environmental health knowledge at such organizations' annual education conferences.

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Lt Col Elisa Hammer
US Air Force


CDR Steven K. Sauer


CPT Nathaniel Sheehan

Upcoming events:

  1. Intended developmental sessions (webinars) every other month
  2. Meet face to face at JETC and SBC.  Our first TF meeting is at JETC 2020 in Washington D.C.
  3. Look for our article in the March/April TME