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29 June 2020: 

- For anyone who registered for virtual JETC, the sessions were recorded and are now available at the JETC website.

- Mr. Arnold Blanton has just become our Centennial Coordinator and can be contacted via email by clcicking on his name.

A message from our outgoing Post President: "KMC SAME Post members: As I PCS back to CONUS, I want to say thanks for being a part of our Post. I wish you all the best in the year ahead and hope you’ll keep actively participating and bringing more people with you. Signing off as Post President, Col Parker"

St. Martin's square water fountain, May 2020. This beautiful city square is located in the walkplatz area of downtown Kaiserslautern and surrounded by numerous historic buildings which range from several decades old, to several hundred years old, representing various architectural styles.

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Upcoming Events

Our July monthly membership meeting is projected to be held at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center on Thursday, the 23rd.  We are currently awaiting approval for a group tour starting at the main food court entrance at 1130.  If you require obase access, please contact us at kaiserslautern.same@gmail.com as soon as possible for coordination.  

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