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NEW! Stephen Grenier discusses his background as an enlisted mechanic on ships in the Coast Guard and his second career as a faculty member at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. 

Sherri Smith discusses her involvement with the Atlanta Post.  

Col. John Henderson, USA, on the role the Corps played in founding SAME in 1920.

Noah Galloway on his recovery from depression and the importance of providing support programs for veterans.

Col. Eileen Collins, USAF (Ret.), on how she became interested in flight and her path to becoming a pilot. 

Col. Barry Totten, USA (Ret.), on how the Tennessee Valley Post was founded.

Cindy Lincicome on growing your career by engaging with a professional society.

Bob Sidoti on the opportunities to make an impact through local Post involvement.

Mercedes Enrique, a small business owner, on the importance of open interaction with federal agencies.

Capt. Mike Blount, USN (Ret.), SAME President, on SAME's national direction and future strategy towards 2020.

Todd Wang of Bridges to Prosperity, on how engineers are making a difference in developing countries.

Bruce D'Agostino of CMAA, on how SAME members can take advantage of our strategic partnership.

Jim Hagan and Gary Gordon on the role SAME can play locally and nationally in supporting resilience solutions.