RED Shirt Friday

RED is an acronym that stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. R.E.D. Shirt Friday was created to remind people of our troops overseas and show that we are thinking of them.

To show our continued support, SAME has initiated its own RSF Awareness Campaign to help remind and encourage our members to remember there are many servicemen and women who are part of SAME as well as contractors and civilians who are still overseas, away from their families, and in harm’s way, and that we appreciate them and their service to our country.

Are you interested in being featured or nominating an SAME member who is deployed? Please submit your information in the below form.

Thank you for your service!

Questions? Contact us.


“I really appreciate the RED Shirt Fridays.
It helps me retain focus on what is important!”

–Jeanne Costanzo LeBron

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    SAME StaffSAME Staff in RED Shirts

    The SAME National Office is a proud supporter of RED Shirt Friday. At the office, every Friday throughout the year, staff proudly wear red shirts and red fleeces (when it's cold!), and when we host our national events, attendees always see the staff in their red SAME shirts on Friday. Many members have embraced the Red Shirt Friday, and wear them alongside staff to help highlight this important recognition. The red shirts are a reminder of those men and women deployed around the world, away from their families, and in harm's way, in service to their country. Whether they are in uniform, government civilians, or contractors, thousands of Americans every day are deployed. We remember them—and thank them for everything they do for our nation.