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Who we are

The Society of American Military Engineers is the only nonprofit professional engineering education organization that actively promotes the advancement of both individual technical knowledge and the collective engineering capabilities of governments, the uniformed services and private industry.

Our goal is to unite public and private sector entities and individuals in the A/E/C fields so that we can prepare for and overcome natural and man made disasters, acts of terrorism and improve security at home and abroad.

The Dallas Post accomplishes this goal locally by supporting monthly luncheon meetings and other professional/social activities attended by members of local government, military, private industry, students and other interested parties. These meetings are announced via our e-mail distribution list and quarterly newsletter. We are supported by the national Society of American Military Engineers and publications such as The Military Engineer, which also promotes the interests and goals of our society and its members. Please peruse our website to discover the benefits of SAME Dallas Post membership.

Annual SAME Dallas and Fort Worth Posts’ Resiliency and Emergency Response Webinar

August 17, 2020 from 8:30 am to approximately 1:00 pm

All organizations face risks simply by virtue of operating in an uncertain world.  This year has brought home this message.  We have all been forced to operate in a COVID world and are thinking about the scenarios embedded in a post-COVID operating environment.  Because of this concern we have added several COVID related speakers to the webinar.  Flood risk continues to be a critical issue in Texas.  This topic will also be covered.  A sampling of the speakers includes the following:

  • The Capacity to Recover Quickly from Adversities and Difficulties – Jacobs
  • Reimaging the Workplace – Gensler
  • Hays County’s Progressive Approach to Resilience – Halff Associates
  • Emergency Manager’s Flood Hazard Tools Halff Associates
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SAME Dallas Post: July 2020 Meeting

Join us Monday July 20th from 12:00pm to 1:00 pm for another great virtual SAME Dallas Post Meeting. Robert P. Morris, Jr. PE, PMP, LTC, USA (Ret), has more than 30 years of experience working in the Federal Government, first in the U.S. Army as an engineer officer and, currently, as a Department of the Army Civilian with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Bob serves as the Deputy Chief Program and Project Management Division for the Fort Worth District.

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A Message from SAME Dallas Post

Due to the challenges presented to our students and educators by COVID-19, our Dallas Post is extending our scholarship application deadline from May 8th to May 22nd.  For application details please visit: https://www.same.org/dallas/scholarships

A Message from the USACE Director of Contracting:  

USACE COVID-19 Market Research Request: 

Vendors with the ability to perform or supply items 1, 2 and 3 below are requested to send capabilities statements to our dedicated COVID-19 Contracting mailbox: COVIDContracting@usace.army.mil

1. "Build-out" or retrofit of existing space (arenas, convention centers, dormitories, hotels, or other facilities) into alternate care facilities

 2. Field Medical Units

 3. Temporary Medical Enclosures

 Please Note:  Vendors of other supplies and services are welcome to submit capability or interest statements regarding support of the USACE COVID-19 Response.  All interested parties are requested to register at the (Click Here) website under the "Disaster Registry" tab. Learn more about the Disaster Registry at: (Click Here).

 Email questions to COVIDContractingQuestions@usace.army.mil

 Due to the volume of submissions, individual responses are not possible.

Fort Worth Post Transportation and Public Works Industry Day

The City of Fort Worth and the Department of Transportation and Public Works will be hosting an Industry Day to discuss:

  1. How to pre-qualify for projects
  2. Information on the upcoming Request for Qualifications
  3. Updates to Standards Specifications
  4. Requirements and expectations for project management and project delivery
  5. Request for feedback from the design and construction community
  6. Networking

Friday March 27

Flyer (Click Here)

RSVP by Emailing or Calling:

Jeff Allen


Bob Bolen Pubic Safety Complex Auditorium

505 W. Felix St.
Fort Worth, TX 

Past Presentations

January - USACE SW Division SAME Brief (Click Here)

May -Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, Pat Boutier (Click Here)

SAME Dallas and Fort Worth Post 12th Annual Clay Shoot (CANCELLED till further notice)


Presentations from SAME Dallas Post Water Resources Summit

PDH Credits: (Click Here)

Harvey Supplemental Program Status and Way Ahead Presentation: (Click here)

DWU Partnerships: Past, Present and Future: (Click here)

TWDB Water for Texas: (Click here)

Presentations from Infrastructure Forum December 2018

Agenda (Click Here)

Key Note Speaker

Presentation Title:   Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Speaker:                John Terrell, Vice President Commercial Development, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Morning Presentations 1st Session    

Presentation Title:   DART Perspective

Speaker:                 Timothy H. McKay, P.E., Executive Vice President, Growth/Regional Development

Presentation Title:   TxDOT-Fort Worth Perspective

Speaker:                 John Cordary, P.E., Deputy District Engineer, TXDOT, Fort Worth

Presentation Title:   TxDOT-Dallas Perspective

Speaker:                 Mo Bur, P.E., District Engineer, Dallas District – TxDOT

Presentation Title:   USACE Perspective

Speaker:                 Lieutenant Colonel Clay A. Morgan

Morning Presentations 2nd Session   

Presentation Title:   Dallas County Public Works Perspective

Speaker:                 Antoinette Bacchus, DCPW, Assistant Director Transportation and Planning

Presentation Title:   City of Dallas Perspective

Speaker:                 Chris Turner-Noteware, P.E., Assistant Director, Department of Public Works City of Dallas

Presentation Title:   NCTCOG Perspective

Speaker:                 Kevin Feldt, Program Manager

Presentation Title:   North Texas Municipal Water District –NTMWD_ Perspective

Speaker:                 Cesar Baptista, P.E.

Presentation Title:   UTA - College of Engineering Perspective

Speaker:                 Peter E. Crouch, Dean, College of Engineering

Room: Guadalupe  Theme: Security and Resiliency

Presentation Title:   Security and Resiliency Discussion

Speaker:                 Jim Scott, Director, Design Innovation, RESPEC, Inc. Austin, Texas

Presentation Title:   Risk-Informed, Adversary-tolerant Lifecycle Engineering (RALE)

Speaker:                 Daniel J.   Ragsdale, Ph.D., Director, Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center Professor of Practice, Computer Science and Engineering

Room: San Jacinto/Neches  Theme: Data and Asset Management

Presentation Title:   City of Fort Worth Flood Warning System / City of Austin Flood Warning System

Speaker:                 Ranjan S. Muttiah, Senior Professional Engineer, Stormwater Management, City of Fort Worth

Presentation Title:   City of Fort Worth Flood Warning System / City of Austin Flood Warning System

Speaker                  Scott Prinsen, Program Manager, City of Austin Flood Warning System

Presentation Title:   Managing Infrastructure

Speaker:                 Gina Thompson, Director of Strategic Services for the City of Lewisville

Presentation Title:   Public Works Emergency Response Team - PWERT

Speaker:                   Ed Balderas, Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator with the City of Rowlett

Room: Concho  Theme: Water Supply - Water Resources

Presentation Title:   Region C Developments

Speaker:                  Glenn Clingenpeel, Trinity River Authority

Presentation Title:   Bois D’arc Lake Update

Speaker:                 Steve Long, Reservoir Project Manager NTMWD

Presentation Title:   Explaining Complex Infrastructure Financing and Operations to the Media

Speaker:                 Wayne Owen, Planning Director at Tarrant Regional Water District

Room: Red River Theme: Mobility

Presentation Title:   DART Shared Mobility Vision

Speaker:                 Robert Parks, Manager, Passenger Support Facilities DART

Presentation Title:   Walkability

Speaker:                 Karla Weaver, AICP,  Senior Program Manage, NCTCOG

Presentation Title:   Dallas Delivery of Bike Share/Scooter Share

Speaker:                 Mike Rogers, City of Dallas

Presentation Title:   UTA College of Engineering

Speaker:                 Dr. Stephen P Mattingly, UTA

Room: Palo Pinto/San Saba Theme: Communities of the Future

Presentation Title:   Successful Project Delivery Into The Future

Speaker:                 John Mears, Dallas County, Assistant Director of Public Works; Engineering and Construction Division

Presentation Title:   Blue Zone

Speaker:                 Matt Dufrene, City of Fort Worth, Vice President and Market Executive

Presentation Title:   Workforce Trend of 2020

Speaker:                 David K. Setzer, Executive Director for Workforce Solutions, NCTCOG

Room: Bluebonnet Theme: Regional Transportation

Presentation Title:   Southern Gateway

Speaker:                 Ashton Strong, P.E., TXDOT

Presentation Title:   Tech for Wrong Way Drivers

Speaker:                  Theresa Poer, Director of Transportation Operations at TxDOT, Fort Worth

Presentation Title:   Cotton Belt Connection

Speaker:                 Chad Edwards has served as the Assistant Vice President of Capital Planning


Presentations from June Transportation Symposium

PDH Credits can be obtained by clicking the link below

(Click Here)

Mobility Discussion - Michael Rogers, Director Department of Transportation City of Dallas

(Click Here)

Moving North Texans – Timothy H. McKay, P.E., Executive Vice President Growth/ Regional Development

(Click Here)

DFW Airport Infrastructure Update – Rusty Hodapp, P.E.

(Click Here)

Hyperloop Texas Towards Next Generation Mobility – Steven Duong, AICP, Associate Vice President AECOM

(Click Here)

Airports and Their Impact – Mark Duebner

(Click Here)

Transportation Symposium – Elizabeth Mow, P.E., Assistant Executive Director Infrastructure

(Click Here)

The Texas Bullet Train – David Arbuckle

(Click Here)

Dallas District Priority Projects – Duane Milligan, P.E. – TxDOT Dallas District

(Click Here)

Fort Worth District Transportation Highlights – John Cordary, P.E., Deputy District Engineer

(Click Here

PEPS Division – Martin Rodin

(Click Here

Fort Worth & Dallas SAME Joint Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency Workshop

The Forth Worth and Dallas Chapters of SAME present the Annual Emergency Response and Resiliency Conference! Join us on Monday, May 21, 2018 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm for this event. 

The event will be hosted by AAFES at their Duncanville HQ.

Program examples include how AAFES responded to Hurricane Harvey,  the COE's approach to dealing with Hurricane Harvey, a presentation from the national AECOM resiliency expert and the chair of SMU's Department of Civil/Environmental Engineering (national organizational resiliency expert) will speak.  Lastly Team Rubicon, a Vet-managed and staff national emergency response NGO will speak.  

Click here to see the flyer. Additional parking for this event will be provided in the overflow gravel lot.

Click here to sign up for the Event.

Presentations from April Monthly Meeting on March 16th, 2018

Presenter: COL Calvin C. Hudson II, District Commander

(Click Here for Presentation)

Presentations from March Monthly Meeting on March 19th, 2018

Presenter: Chris Hillman, Irving City Manager

(Click Here for Presentation)

Presenter: Paul Grimes, City Manager for the City of McKinney

(Click Here for Presentation)

Presenter: Sustaining Members Jacobs and CDM Smith

(Click Here for Presentation)

Presentations from February Monthly Meeting on February 26th, 2018
Presenter: Bobby Babcock and George Prochaska

(Click Here for Presentation)

Presentations from January Monthly Meeting on January 2018

Presenter: Alberta Blair, P.E.

(Click Here for Presentation)

Presentations from the SAME IF 2018   


Presentation Title: Integrated Project Delivery For Inland Port 

Speaker:John Mears, P.E., Dallas County


Presentation Title: Rejuvenating Our Infrastructure: Making Smart Cities of the Future 

Speakers: Jack Tidwell, Dallas County


Presentation Title: People, Security & Mobility - Security and Safety Enhancements 

Speaker:  David Ehrlicher, AIA, Assistant Vice President


Presentation Title:  Rehabilitation and Capacity Management 

Speaker: Mark Bouma, P.E., Senior Corridor Manager


Presentation Title:  Fort Worth District Overview

Speaker:  Greg Cedillo, P.E., Construction Director


Presentation Title: Dallas District Overview

Speaker: Tony Hartzel, Northeast Texas Communications Manager, TxDOT


Presentation Title:USACE Water Resources Missions and Initiatives

Speaker: Jerry L. Cotter, P.E., Chief Water Resources, USACE, Fort Worth District


Presentation Title:  Rejuvenating Our Infrastructure Through Partnership - Inland Port 

Speaker: Alberta Blair, P.E., Director of Public Works


Presentation Title: Regional Growth, Technology and The Future Of Transit 

Speaker: Raymond Suarez, Chief Operating Officer


Presentation Title:  Rejuvenating Our Infrastructure: Making Smart Cities of the Future 

Speaker: Edith Marvin, Director of Environment and Development


Presentation Title: City of Dallas Infrastructure Management Plan 

Speaker:  Rick Galceran, P.E., Director, Public Works Department


Presentation Title: Ensuring Regional Prosperity

Speaker:  R.J. Muraski, Assistant Deputy Director, Planning/CIP


Presentation Title: Driving Value through Effective Capital Delivery at the City of Fort Worth 

Speaker: Kim C. Arnold, PMP, Assistant Director, Transportation and Public Works


Presentation Title: Integrated Project Delivery For Inland Port 

Speaker:  John Mears, P.E., Dallas County


Presentation Title: Changing Project Delivery

Speaker: Mark Bouma, P.E., Senior Corridor Manager


Presentation Title: City of Dallas Infrastructure Management Plan 

Speaker: Rick Galceran, P.E., Director, Public Works Department


Presentation Title:  An Overview Of Asset Management @ Fort Worth

Speaker: Elizabeth Young, GISP, City of Fort Worth Asset Management - Traffic/ISWM


Presentation Title: Proven Technologies, New Ways of Thinking

Speaker:  Buzz Pishker, Director of Water Utilities Department, City of Arlington


Presentation Title: Watershed Management and Source Water Protection in North Texas 

Speaker: Galen Roberts, Watershed Manager, NTMWD


Presentation Title:  Joe Pool Lake as a Regional Water Supply 

Speaker: Glenn Clingenpeel, TRA


Presentation Title:  Joe Pool Storage Plan Additional Capacity: IPL to Bachman 

Speaker: Ron McCuller, Grand Prairie and Dennis Qualls, DWU


Presentation Title: Protecting Our Natural Assets in an Urbanizing Region 

Speaker:  Jason Pierce, Upper Trinity Regional Water District


Presentation Title:  The Texas Bullet Train

Speaker:  Mike Bobinecz, PMP, Design Build, Texas Central Partners


Presentation Title:  Core Capacity: Platform Extension, Dallas Subway and Central Streetcar 

Speaker:  Ernie Martinez, DART


Presentation Title:  Update on Mobility on Demand Service: GoLink, GoPool 

Speaker:  Robert Parks, DART


Presentation Title: MILO: Autonomous Shuttle Program 

Speaker:  Lyndsay Mitchell, City of Arlington


Presentation Title: APWA Accreditation: Bridging DCPW to the Future 

Speaker: Alberta Blair, P.E., Director of Public Works


Presentation Title:  City Management Perspective on APWA Accreditation 

Speaker:  Bob Hart, City of Corinth


Presentation Title: What Does Accreditation Mean to Rowlett?

Speaker: Shawn Poe, P.E., CFM, Director of Public Works, City of Rowlett


Presentation Title: APWA Accreditation

Speaker: Jim Proce, ICMA-CM & APWA-PWLF


Presentation Title: Impacts On Confidence 

Speaker: Bret Ogletree, NCTCOG


Presentation Title: A New Way of Thinking: Consequence-driven, Adversary-tolerant Lifecycle Engineering

Speaker: Daniel J. Ragsdale, Ph.D., Director, Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center & Professor of Practice, Computer Science and Engineering


Presentation Title: Protecting Our Natural Assets in an Urbanizing Region

Speaker: Nick Z. Fang, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, UTA


Presentation Title: Highway Influences on Regional Development

Speaker: Tony Hartzel, Northeast Texas Public Information Manager, TxDOT—Dallas


Presentation Title: City of Dallas Complete Streets Program

Speaker: Tanya Brooks, Assistant Director, Department of Transportation Mobility Planning, City of Dallas


Presentation Title: Transportation Highlights

Speaker:  Greg Cedillo, P.E., Construction Director, TxDOTFort Worth District

Room: San Jacinto/Neches  Theme: Data and Asset Management
Room: San Jacinto/Neches  Theme: Data and Asset Management