SAME Logo/Insignia

SAME Logo/Insignia Usage

The SAME logo and insignia are proud representations of the Society, and its legacy of service to the nation and the engineering profession.

By promoting your affiliation with SAME, you show your pride in being a part of a larger group—a group that, since 1920, has focused on serving the needs of our military engineering community.

Only SAME members and partners are authorized to incorporate the SAME logo and insignia into business and promotional materials. This benefit of membership is a great opportunity to visually display your involvement in the Society and your support of the only organization that connects public and private sector A/E/C professionals to strengthen national security.

Guidelines & Restrictions

There are several guidelines and restrictions for using the SAME logo or insignia. Before you can download or use the SAME logo & insignia, you must acknowledge that you have read and will adhere to the Standards Manual for SAME Logo & Insignia Use. The Standards Manual for SAME Logo & Insignia Use outlines how and in what form the SAME logo & insignia may appear.

Additionally, the Standards Manual for SAME Logo & Insignia Use provides specific examples to illustrate proper logo usage. Once you agree to the Standards Manual for SAME Logo & Insignia Use, you may use the SAME logo & insignia proudly and as often as you desire. 

Promote Your Post or Company

Post sample logo

SAME Posts can have a personalized SAME logo created for them (see example). This logo can be placed on the Post website and can be used in all Post print and web materials as well as onsite for signage. It’s a great way to promote SAME while enhancing your Post’s uniqueness.

Want to show your SAME pride on your company website and promotional material? Use our personalized SAME logo that recognizes your company’s membership with SAME (see example). SAME can create a personalized logo that specifically highlights your company’s lengthy membership with the Society.

SM sample logo