SAME Code of Conduct

SAME is committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for all participants, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliation, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws, regulations, or ordinances.  SAME does not tolerate discrimination, intolerance, harassment, aggression, or ill-will of any kind, whether presented in-person, digitally, or via another method.  

When engaged in any SAME activities or representing the Society, all members, participants, sponsors, employees, and staff are expected to:

  • Maintain the highest professional standards of ethical behavior
  • Respect the dignity, health and safety of themselves and others
  • Be positive, friendly, and welcoming to others
  • Support diversity and inclusion
  • Attend in-person meetings and events only when in good health
  • Maintain the confidentiality of Society business and its members. Directories, mail lists and membership information shall be used only for their expressly stated purpose
Consequences of Code Violations

Violations of this Code will not be tolerated. When suspected violations are reported, we act. Violators are subject to remedies determined as below. In addition to other remedies, in the case of in person events, violators are subject to expulsion from the event, at SAME’s sole discretion, without refund. Further, SAME Bylaws specifically address membership termination for cause (Article III, para 5) and SAME Ethics Standards (Article XI, para 3).

Reporting Alleged Code Violations

Alleged violations will normally be reported at the level at which they occur (ie. Post, Region, National). Post or regional leadership can elevate issues to a higher level for assistance or resolution at their discretion.

Resolution of Alleged Violations

Alleged violations will be remedied at the lowest level possible. The SAME Executive Director has the national level authority to resolve alleged violations of this code, including lower level Post violations that are elevated to National. If National level resolution is required, the SAME Executive Director, or his designated inquiry official, will gather all necessary facts, including an opportunity for the alleged violator to present information both in writing and in person. Based on that inquiry, the SAME Executive Director will make a final determination or recommendation of corrective action on the matter. The Executive Director’s determination can be appealed to the SAME National President, assisted by the National Leadership Team. The SAME National President will then make a final determination on the matter. Termination of SAME membership remains the authority of the SAME Executive Committee (SAME Bylaws, Article III, para 5).