Anchorage Post Membership

Post Membership

Why Join?

Because you, or your organization, wish to associate with professional engineers with an interest in national defense and in many engineering-related fields. Joining SAME can lead to the following benefits:

  • To learn about current and emerging capabilities and needs of government, military, and private sector engineers;
  • To participate in professional, technical, and educational workshops and conferences, and earn credit for doing so;
  • Networking to help establish partnering, teaming and mentor-protege relationships, and other business development opportunities;
  • To expand the capacity of government and industry to respond to emergencies and catastrophes; and
  • To receive professional publications produced by The Society and participate in its job referral/resume matching service and several affinity benefit programs.
  • Read the membership value publication Membership value publication
  • View SAME National website for more details. Thank you!

How to Join

Simply complete an application for either Individual Membership, Sustaining Membership (Corporate), or Sustaining Membership (Public Agency). For membership applications, recruiting information, or information on our recruiting campaign, please contact our post membership committee leads.

Individual Memberships are offered in  four (4) categories:

  • Regular Member (above age 39)
  • Young Member (age 39 and younger)
  • Student member (in full-time course of study, age 25 and younger)
  • Retired (no longer working in any capacity)

Sustaining memberships are offered in three (3) categories:

  • Corporate (Private Sector); each firm or business can designate six (6) individuals as its members.
  • Public Agency (federal, state, county, municipal government or military organization); each can designate ten (10) individuals as its members.
  • Non-Profit Organization or Academic Institution; each organization can designate ten (10) individuals as its members.

Learn more at the SAME’s National website. Thank you!

All who join become members of SAME National and a Post—a double
benefit (unless they elect an At Large designation).

What Does It Cost?

National Dues vary in amount and duration depending on the membership type. The dues also change from year to year, so please click to explore the SAME National website for details. Thank you!

SAME Anchorage Post Collage

Communities of Interest

SAME’s Communities of Interest offer members a chance to engage nationally with other professionals focused on a particular technical field or demographic within joint engineering and the A/E/C industry.