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Kittyhawk Post Updates:


SAME Kittyhawk October Meeting Presentation

Workplace of the Future
13 October 2021


SAME Lunch Presentation 



Copies of Mr. Kimball's (Emersion) presentation slides on The Workplace of the Future offered the SAME Kittyhawk Post for the October SAME Lunch Meeting have been available. Please click the picture above to download a pdf version of the slides. Thanks again Mr. Kimball!


SAME Kittyhawk Post

Ready to Mail Out Service Pins

14 October 2021


SAME Service Pins 



Ready to mail out years of service pins to 50 loyal members of SAME and the Kittyhawk Post!  Special congratulations to Nick Scambilis (Col, USAF Ret.) for 60 year of SAME membership!  Congrats also to Alan Hautman (Kittyhawk Post past President), John Hudson (F.SAME, US Army Ret.), and Gordon Taylor (Kittyhawk Post Streamers Chairperson) for 25 years of SAME membership.


 SAME Kittyhawk Post
Welcomes New AFIT GEM Class

29 September 2021

Welcome to the area and the Post! 


     The SAME Kittyhawk Post welcomed the new Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) class of Graduate in Engineering Management GEM students. This virtual event featured presentations from Joe DiMisa (Membership Chair and Young Professionals Mentor) and Amir Mott (Post President) on the post activities and benefits to belonging to SAME and the post. The highlight presentation was from Capt. Phil Ramsey who graduated in 2018 from the AFIT GEM school and is pursuing his PhD at Ohio State. He is a post Executive Board young member serving as the Post’s liaison to the local Fisher House. 1LT Stone Wiliford won the door prize of an Amazon EGift Card. Welcome students to Dayton and Wright-Patterson AFB!




 2021 SAME Kittyhawk Post's

Small Business Focus Group Meeting
Size Standard Initiative Discussion

 Thanks for all the participation! Each and every effort we make in a collaborative way is a step forward.



 2021 SAME Kittyhawk Post

Virtual Industry Day & Small Business Networking Forum


Thanks to all who participated and help support the SAME Kittyhawk Post Virtual Industry Day & Small Business Networking Forum. 

SAME Kittyhawk Post hosted the 21st Annual Virtual Industry Day &Small Business Networking Forum on Thursday, June 10 2021.  




 SAME Kittyhawk Post Remembers its Deployed Members!


SAME Kittyhawk Post seeks to remember those who are serving our nation, especially as they are deployed far from home. They do this by sending letters and care packages as well as keeping those down range in our thoughts and prayers. Occasionally, we get some messages and pictures back!


Greetings from afar!


Keep up the strong work! You are not forgotten!

Upcoming Post Events:

SAME Kittyhawk Post Meeting - Oct 2021

SAME Kittyhawk
Virtual Post Meeting

Tyndall AFB Rebuild & Installation Resilience Operations Center (IROC)
Lt Col Andrew Hoisington, Ph.D., P.E.
AFCEC Execution Branch Chief, Natural Disaster Recovery Division

Thursday, January 13, 2022
12:00 to 1:00 pm Eastern

Register here!


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