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2020-2021 Officers

Scott Thompson, PE  

Agapito (Pete) Diaz, PE
Past President

Tor Gudmundsen, PE
1st Vice President

Bob Shambach, PG
2nd Vice President

ENS Ken Wheeler, CEC, USN

Doyon Morato
Alt. Secretary

Eric Marble, PE

Jecelia Llegado, PE
Alt. Treasurer

Post Documents


Contact Info:


P.O. Box 1438, 
Hagåtña, GU 96932

Post Documents

About The
Guam Post

Buenas yan Håfa ådai!

We welcome you to the Guam Post of the Society of American Military Engineers. Currently, our Post is comprised of 130+ Individual Members, 180+ Sustaining Members, 44 Sustaining Member companies and a total membership of approximately 315 persons with a mixture of active duty, reserve, civil service, architects, engineers, contractors and vendors.

Located nearly 3,000 miles west of Hawaii, Guam boasts the westernmost point of U.S. soil. That very fact has continued to highlight the strategic importance of Guam for our National Defense. The military investment continues to rise and the future looks to be exciting and full of challenges for the architectural, engineering and construction community!

The Guam Post is active in the local community and in the local economy. Through our Charlie Corn Scholarships, we offer up to $30,000 in scholarships each year to benefit regional (Guam, CNMI, Palau and Micronesia ) students interested in architecture or engineering. Our members are closely connected with the Guam Chamber of Commerce, Guam Contractor’s Association, Guam Society of Professional Engineers, Rotary, and many other agencies and organizations on the island.

Although DoD budgets are shrinking, exciting times lie ahead for Guam and the Guam Post. As the place “where America’s day begins,” Guam plays a pivotal role in the security and defense of U.S. interests in the Pacific. From Andersen Air Force Base in the north to the Naval Base complex at Apra Harbor and the future Marine Corp Base to the northeast, the military mission on the island is growing.  The military spending associated with the relocation of Marines from Okinawa to Guam has been established and the design/construction has begun.  The future looks bright for government agencies, the engineering community and contractors alike.

We hope that you will join us as we will need a strong team to build the road that lies ahead for Guam's Infrastructure and SAME is taking point!!!

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   Board of Directors Meetings
   Typically held every 1st Thursday of the month
   11:30 am - 1:00 pm
   Conference Call

   General Membership Meetings
   Going Virtual!

    Typically held every 3rd Thursday of the month
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm
    Conference Call

  Upcoming Events:   

  • CAN-STRUCTION Food Drive
    Design and build structures made entirely from canned foods. Cans must be full, unopened and with original labels intact. Take a photo of your structure with your team and post on Instagram and Facebook with hastags #CANstructGuam2020  #SAMEGuamPost.  Tag us on Instagram: @sameguampost_ym and Facebook: @SAMEguamPost. Prizes to be awarded to the most liked photos! See flyer for more details!
    29 December: Deadline for photo submission entry and deliver cans to drop-off location (see flyer)
    30 December: Cans to be delivered to Ministry of the Homeless.

    Flyer - Click Here
18 - 22 FEB 2019
Volunteers reach out to local public and private high schools providing presentations of engineering.
For more information or to volunteer, contact Joann Patawaran (joann.patawaran@aecom.com)

  Past Event(s):   
  • 2020 Joint Indo-Pacific Industry Forum
    17 September 2020 
    The program included briefings on military programs within the Indo-Pacific region:
         - INDOPACOM 
         - USAF IMSC Det 2 (Air Force)
         - Federal Agency SB Representatives
         - USACE POH (Army)
         - NAVFAC Pacific (Navy)
         - MCBH Facilities in Hawaii (Marine Corps)
         - Camp Blaz Facilities in Guam (Marine Corps)
    Visit the Virtual Sponsor Exhibit Hall: https://www.same-pif-vibe.com

  • November General Membership Meeting
    19 November 2020, 1200 - 1300
    Main Presentation: Expeditionary Medical Facility (EMF) Build at South Finegayan, Guam 
    Presented by: CDR Brandon Casperson, Chief Staff Officer, Task Force 75/Navy Expeditionary Forces Command Pacific  

  • NAVFAC Marianas Opportunities - Click Here