Omaha Post Fellows


The Society of American Military Engineers (the Society) established the Academy of Fellows in 1995 to recognize those members of The Society who have distinguished themselves in service to the Nation, the Engineering Profession, and the Society. To be nominated, a member of the Society must meet strict standards and each nomination is carefully considered by a reviewing committee and approved by the SAME Board of Direction. The Constitution of The Society provides that Fellows are “members of the Society who have rendered dedicated and outstanding service to The Society and to the engineering profession and who are approved to become a Fellow in accordance with procedures established by the Bylaws. Nominees shall have been members of The Society for a minimum of ten years and shall remain in good standing in the Society.”

Academy of Fellows

Below is a listing of active Omaha Post members who are also members of the Academy of Fellows.
Congratulations to everyone listed.





Gerald AdamsF. SAME
Gary ChesleyP.E., F. SAME55th Civil Engineer
Geoffrey CompeauF. SAMEWeston Solutions, 
Karlus CozartF. SAMEAFCEC 55th
Philip C. DeakinPrincipal and CEO, P.E., F. SAMEDeakin Technology
Richard DonovanP.E., F. SAMEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired)
Mary ErwinF.
Julie FisherPrincipal, F. SAME 
Marvin FisherP.E., USA (Ret), F. SAMEIsaak Advisory
William GlismannP.E., F. SAMEHGM Associates 
Natasha Gromak PMP. F. SAME Woolpert, Inc. 
Matthew Harvey P.E., F.
John HendersonP.E., USA (Ret), F.
Steven HouserF.
John Hudson P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAMEStanley Consultants Inc. 
Michael Huffstetler Federal Client Leader, F. SAME DLR Group Inc.
Ronald HughbanksF. SAME
Col. Miro Kurka USA (Ret), P.E., PMP, F. SAME Mead & Hunt Inc. 
Chris Langan P.E., F. SAME Lamp Rynearson, Inc. 
Anita LarsonPG, F. SAMETumeq / Swift
Jeanne LeBronF. SAMEAtkins
Cynthia LincicomeF. SAMETLI
Geoffrey McKenzieP.E., F.
Matt Metcalf Chief Strategy Officer, F. SAME 
Larry Myers F. SAME USACE 
John Nocera ASCE, BCEE, P.E., F. SAME ARCADIS, U.S., Inc. 
David Packard RA, F. SAME 
Thomas Poer ENVSP, P.E., PMP, F. SAME HNTB 
David PressUSA (Ret), F. SAMEU.S. Strategic Command (Retired)
John RemusP.E., F. SAMEUSACE-Omaha
David Reynolds P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME Farnsworth Group, Inc. 
Tod RingenbergF. SAMEUniversity of Nebraska Medical
Robert RoumphP.E., F. SAMEU.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired)
Col. Robert Ruch F. SAME Pond 
John Shaler P.E., F. SAME Tanaq Environmental, LLC 
Bryan VulcanP.E., USA (Ret), F. SAMEFourFront Design,
John Whisler, Jr.P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME
Rick Wice PGBattelle 
Jeffrey Williamson P.E., F. SAME Burns & McDonnell 
Roger WoznyP.E., F. SAME, LEED AP

Communities of Interest

SAME’s Communities of Interest offer members a chance to engage nationally with other professionals focused on a particular technical field or demographic within joint engineering and the A/E/C industry.