2023 Post Board of Direction – Organization Chart

(E = Elected; A = Appointed)
Phone Company
President (E)
Zakary Payne
(210) 213-1888 Matrix Design Group, Inc.
Vice President (E)
Rene Cortez
(210) 286-8120 Jacobs
Austin Field Chapter President (E)
Tim Pach
(512) 427-3626 Stanley Consultants
Concho Valley Field Chapter President (E)
Lance Overstreet
(325) 654-5282 17 CES
Laughlin AFB Field Chapter President (E)
Michael McComas
(830) 298-4145 47 CES
Treasurer (E)
Sam Hutchins, F.SAME
Secretary (E)
Cassandra Price
(210) 323-4125 Cherokee Nation Mgt & Consulting
Director, Industry Government Engagement, 2023 (E)
Colonel John Baker, USA (Ret)
(210) 872-1705
Director, Resilience, 2023-24 (E)
John Enyeart, F.SAME
(210) 395-0607 AFIMSC
Director, Leadership & Mentoring, 2023 (E)
Don Gleason
(210) 216-0965 Military Transition Roundtable
Director, STEM & College Outreach, 2023-24 (E)
Harold Eberbach
(210) 995-2822 KMEA
Director, Service Member & Veteran Support, 2023-24 (E)
Dean Hartman
(907) 306-8346 Michael Baker International
Immediate Past President
Joshua Graham, F.SAME
(210) 253-6502 HDR
Assistant Secretary (A)
Assistant Treasurer (A)
Steve Holt, F.SAME
(210) 391-0921 Moca Systems
Director, Young Professionals (A)
Amanda Navarro
(210) 446-4320 Merrick & Company
Director, Fellows (A)
Glen Turney, F.SAME
(210) 317-5448 HDR
Director, Individual Members (A)
Ed von Dran
(210) 930-2834 ext 2012 Alpha Terra Engineering, Inc.
Director, Sustaining Members (A)
Michele Torres
(703) 593-4407 HFS Company
Military Enlisted Affairs Liaison (A)
SSgt Brittany Kennedy Smith
(337) 412-2589 USAF
Director, Scholarships (A)
Diane Glass
(210) 355-1355 Freese & Nichols
K-12/STEM Outreach Coordinator (A)
SAME E&C Camp Coordinator (A)
Capt Varsha Savalia
Public Health Service
College Outreach Coordinator (A)
Roger Clarke
Univ of Texas Student Chapter Mentor (A)
Rich Galloway
(512) 913-0355 EA Engineering, Science & Technology
Assistant Univ of Texas Student Chapter Mentor (A)
Lily Cartwright
(512) 419-6419 AECOM
Texas A&M Student Chapter Mentor (A)
John German
(210) 621-5889 Retired
UTSA Student Chapter Mentor (A)
Terry Watkins

(210) 403-6329


Small Business Coordinator (A)
Sarah Fowlkes
(512) 329-0031 AmaTerra Environmental
I-WEPTAC Support Coordinator
Bonnie Hopke, F.SAME
(210) 495-7744 FPM Remediations, Inc.
Service Member & Veteran Support Coordinator (A)
Mike Monreal, F.SAME
(210) 845-5515 Broaddus & Associates
Service Member & Veteran Transition Coordinator (A)
Markus Henneke
(703) 853-0219 IMEG Corp.
Leadership Lab Co-Director (A)
Sam Barnett
(971) 282-1757 iParametrics
Leadership Lab Co-Director (A)
Cathy Bond-Cassidy
(210) 683-0392 Bold Concepts
Website Manager/Communications/Newsletter (A)
Dick Kochanek, F.SAME
(210) 884-9731 Retired
Social Media Coordinator (A)
Amy Shirlberg
(210) 452-6626 Spec Professional Services
Awards Committee Chair (A)
Dick Kochanek, F.SAME
(210) 884-9731 Retired
Golf Chair (A)
Michael Beach
(830) 816-5434 Broadbent and Associates
Holiday Celebration Chair (A)
Hilda Quinones
(210) 896-8711 Q&A Diversified LLC


Communities of Interest

SAME’s Communities of Interest offer members a chance to engage nationally with other professionals focused on a particular technical field or demographic within joint engineering and the A/E/C industry.