Pikes Peak Post Membership

Post Membership

For a complete picture of all the opportunities available please visit the SAME National website and launch your association with one of the oldest, hardest-working and most established societies in the country!

Membership options include:

  • Individual Membership
  •  Private Sector
  •  Young Member
  •  Uniformed Service
  •  Civilian (employed by local, state or federal government)
  •  Academic or Non-Profit
  •  Fully Retired
  •  Student
  •  Sponsor Partner (National Program)

Membership in the Pikes Peak Post is a great way to meet and interact with other architectural, engineering, construction and procurement professionals in Colorado Springs, Denver and all along the Front Range.

Membership BenefitsWhy join SAME

• Eligible for annual Scholarship awards for you or your family.
• PE refresher course sponsorship for you or your family.
• Educational Programs and Meetings providing networking and professional development.
• Connect with top engineering officials from the public and private sectors at SAME conferences.
• Learn about upcoming projects.
• Build important relationships with SAME’s community of more than 21,000 A/E/C professionals.
• New and expanding markets.
• Network with potential employers.
• Gain insight into the fields of engineering, science and construction.
• Learn about emerging technologies and their applications.
• Contribute to national security and emergency response.

Sustaining Company Members

SAME Sustaining Memberships offer your company the opportunity to network with industry leaders in the public sector and uniformed services. Learn about upcoming projects first-hand at numerous workshops and events, such as the annual Engineering Service Chiefs and Federal Programs Briefings. Interact with Young Members as they find their path in the A/E/C field.

Included with your membership are five slots for individuals as your member representatives. SAME requires that one of those representatives must be in its Young Member category (35 years of age or younger). All five of your representatives will receive subscriptions to The Military Engineer magazine, SAME News and Government and Industry e-News, allowing them to stay on top of important developments in the A/E/C field.

Young Members

Young Members are the future of SAME! The SAME YM Committee mission is to provide guidance and professional development resources to our Young Members, to facilitate participation in SAME events and activities at the national and local levels, and to develop and enhance the Young Members’ networking, relationship and mentoring. To help plan events or for more information, contact our YM Directors.


SAME Fellows are true leaders within the profession and SAME. Since 1972, SAME has bestowed the designation of Fellow to those members who have rendered dedicated and outstanding service to SAME and to military engineering. This prestigious designation has been awarded to more than 700 individuals to date. The Academy of Fellows, organized in 1995, brings together all Fellows to further SAME’s missions and goals, and to take a lead role in support of the SAME mentoring programs. As a Fellow, members are expected to be actively involved in providing support, assistance and guidance to future engineers. Pikes Peak Post Fellows support and sponsors events: and activities including.

• Mentoring events with YMs
• Guidance to the post leadership
• Leadership to the SAME Engineering & Construction Camp
• Local, regional and national events

For more information regarding the Pikes Peak Post Fellows, contact Fellow Chairperson, Col (Ret) Joe Schwarz, Joseph Schwarz, PE at 719-272-8915 or contact our National Office Membership Team: 703-549-3800 ext. 131.

Communities of Interest

SAME’s Communities of Interest offer members a chance to engage nationally with other professionals focused on a particular technical field or demographic within joint engineering and the A/E/C industry.