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The Pikes Peak Post executes its mission through a number of committees focused on different areas and initiatives. Each of these committees is led by a chairperson and supported by volunteers from the membership. If one of these committees interests you, we encourage you to contact the committee chair to see how you can help. As a volunteer organization, the Pikes Peak Post would not be successful without the support of members like you.

Programs Committee

Chairs: Cameron Bowsky & Kristin Lum-Perreira

Committee Description: The primary responsibility of the Programs Committee is to secure content for monthly meetings and other events. We secure the venue, secure the speaker and coordinate registration for each and every event. If you have ideas for content, please let us know.


The principal activity of the PPP Readiness Committee is to build upon the relationships with local emergency management personnel by updating the Post’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Report and to expand our circle of collaboration. Our annual report summarizes sustaining member capabilities useful to emergency response. The Readiness & Homeland Security Committee meets with emergency management leaders on Colorado Springs area military installations and with local & county emergency managers to identify needs that SAME sustaining members can meet.

In meeting with local emergency preparedness officials, we identify where our Post’s resources (sustaining members) could help. Any “gaps” in the local plans that the Post’s resources could fill would assist the overall readiness and resiliency of the local authorities. This collaborative process requires that we have a committee, train in NIMS and document our efforts in an EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE REPORT. This effort has proven to be predictive as the NRP was revised in 2007 to become the National Response Framework.

The Readiness Committee updates sustaining members’ emergency management profiles annually in the June to September timeframe. Pikes Peak Post Readiness Committee Members supports this committee.

The Readiness Committee will hold at least 2 Committee meetings each year. If you are interested in participating, please contact the National Security committee lead.

Warrior Transition Workshop

A New Approach for Assisting Transitioning Warriors

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Pikes Peak Post  commissioned a Warrior in Transition Workshop Program with a mission to develop an effective strategy to educate, mentor and assist members of the military who are or will soon be transitioning out of the military (“Transitioning Warriors”) into the civilian sector.  The Pikes Peak Post leadership took this proactive approach given the high unemployment levels of Transitioning Warriors in addition to the projected increase in transitioning veterans given future projections of a smaller U.S. force structure.  We have developed  a strategy that would provide a meaningful forum to truly assist Transitioning Warriors—not something to simply make them feel good.

In order to develop this strategy, SAME first discussed many of the challenges associated with transition from the military, to include assessing Art DeGroat (Director of Military Affairs, Kansas State University) and Richard P. Crowley’s 2013 White Paper entitled “Looking Critically at Reintegration of Post-9/11 Era Veterans”.  Through this research, SAME concluded that many veterans are unprepared to understand the requirements of the competitive civilian job market; often do not have a professional network to assist them in navigating through the steps required; and often do not have an understanding of the skills necessary to adequately compete for many positions within the market.  All of these factors are contributing to the high unemployment rate of today’s Transitioning Warriors.  Utilizing the lessons learned from the White Paper and gaining insights from recently transitioning veterans allowed the Committee to take a different approach to assist Warriors in the transition process, all within the context of SAME’s overall mission and vision.

SAME’s strategy includes five goals to assist transitioning veterans:

  • Expand their interest in career fields associated with GKC Post SAME Sustaining Member firms,
  • Network with professionals associated with SAME Sustaining Member firms,
  • Inform transitioning veterans about the skill sets and other tools/tips necessary to be successful in civilian career fields (to include helping them understand how their military skills/experience/leadership is applicable in the civilian job market),
  • Offer mentorship and professional development through SAME,  and
  • Encourage SAME membership to enhance their long-term networking opportunities.

Given the fact this event is not a job fair and attendees would not depart with a job offer in hand, how do we know the forum was successful?  Defining a hard “metric” for this type of initiative is difficult to define.  Therefore, direct feedback from the Transitioning Warriors in attendance is the greatest indicator for success.   The attendees provided numerous comments indicating that the information presented and subsequent discussion was indeed value-added and not something they had previously received in any transition curriculum.  Likewise, the consensus was that this type of forum did provide a solid base to begin and enhance their transition.  Many also stated that they will now reach out to the SAME panel members in order to help them in their transition.   In short, the forum reinforced that the Pikes Post Warrior Transition Committee strategy is an innovative strategy that can truly help Transitioning Warriors as they tackle the transition process.   Long-term, the true measure of success will be when a veteran makes the transition into a civilian career—while hopefully enjoying the camaraderie and benefits of SAME membership.

The SAME Pikes Peak Post is proud to support our Transitioning Warriors.  The Pikes Peak Post members share in the unfaltering commitment to do right by our uniformed service men and women that have defended our country.  Combining the resources of SAME with the professional commitment to veterans seeking employment in the civilian sector, we can proactively provide them the tools to help them be successful through the challenging transition process.  This is our mission and commitment.

Angel Tree Program

Making A Difference – Angel Tree at Fort Carson

Help bring joy to the children of the Fort Carson Wounded Warriors by “adopting” an Angel!

In support of the Warrior Transition Battalion and their families at Fort Carson, SAME has partnered with the Fort Carson Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) to collected gifts during our November and December meetings for the children of the Fort Carson through our angel tree program.

The Pikes Peak Post is accepting generic gifts, checks, and gift cards beginning the October General Membership Meeting or delivered to the addresses below.

Angel names and “wish” lists are available beginning 1 November. Please contact Cindy Lincicome to receive the name, age and wish list of each child you would like to “adopt” for this program.

Sustaining Member Firm/Company participation is encouraged. Adopt a group of children and participate in delivery of gifts to the SFAC in December!

We will be collecting the wrapped gifts at the November and December SAME Pikes Peak Post Membership Meetings or accepting drop off gifts at the following locations.


Betance Enterprises, Inc.
7310 South Alton Way, Unit 6E

Cindy Lincicome, F.SAME (303.319.0190)

Colorado Springs

HB&A offices
102 E Moreno Ave Colorado Springs

Amy Umiamaka (719.473.7063 x 16)

Small Business

The Pikes Peak Post has established a Small Business Committee to increase small business membership, participation, and leadership within the Post, and enhance Post programs to include topics focused towards small businesses. Our SB Committee chair is leading this committee which will include representatives from small business, large business, and government. If you have ideas or questions, please contact please contact the committee leader.

Check out the post Calendar to keep up with our upcoming Small Business Events.

Small Business Spotlight Opportunity

Greetings SAME PPP – we are currently seeking small businesses to give a short presentation on their firm’s offerings at the SAME PPP general membership meeting during the “Small Business Spotlight.”

The Small Business Spotlight is an opportunity for Small Businesses to network with a group of people/companies from the same industry and perhaps ultimately team with one of the companies represented by the membership. Also, key decision makers from Government agencies are present providing an opportunity to present to agencies which champion acquisition of products and services from Small Businesses.

Please contact the SAME PPP Program Committee members to get more information.

SAME Job Center

The SAME Job Center is now live on the SAME national website. Only SAME members can view and apply for jobs while both members and non-members can post job openings. The Job  Center is mobile friendly—meaning you can view and post jobs right from your smart phone!

Postings are online for 30 days. To post a job, the fee for SAME Sustaining Member companies is $200; the fee for non-member companies is $300. Special rates are available for government agencies. 

View SAME Job Center

Communities of Interest

SAME’s Communities of Interest offer members a chance to engage nationally with other professionals focused on a particular technical field or demographic within joint engineering and the A/E/C industry.