2030 Strategic Plan Development

2030 Strategic Plan Development

During the 2023 Post Leaders Workshop in August, Albert Romano, F.SAME, and Col. Brian Duffy, USAF (Ret.), Strategic Plan Development Co-Chairs, briefed their approach for development of the 2030 SAME Strategic Plan, which is expected to go into effect in January 2025. This initial presentation of the 2030 Strategic Plan Development sets in motion a schedule over the next several months of discussion, collaboration, input, and review that will culminate in the Board of Direction approving a final draft in May 2024 at JETC.

The charter for the 2023 Strategic Plan Development aims to review the Society’s overall direction and priorities; accelerate actions toward supporting industry-government engagement across the organization; update and reinforce core goals and deliverables; expand membership growth and engagement; and clarify and codify the concept of SAME being recognized as the leader in collaboration within the joint engineer community and A/E/C profession—being the “synergizers” to build bridges between “needs” and “knowledge.”

In order to stay on track with this approach, Duffy and Romano announced the formation of the Strategic Plan Development Team, comprised of both a Strategic Advisor Group and Strategic Plan Working Group. These groups will meet regularly over the next several months.

I believe SAME boils down to two things: finding value, and then being the value for others. I have no doubt that the thousands of our members can find value through their engagement in the Society.  My hope is that each of you are inspired to go to your Posts and volunteer to be the value for others—to lead, mentor, volunteer, and to inspire others to join. This is the best way to give back.

Col. Charlie Perham, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.), 104th SAME National President

Submit Input to Plan Development

Members are encouraged to submit input to support the development of the 2030 SAME Strategic Plan. Use the submission form to answer questions posed by the Strategic Plan Development Team, and to provide additional thoughts and comments for consideration.

Strategic plan input closed Sept. 30, 2023

Strategic Plan Development Timeline

  • March-May 2023 – Strategic Plan Development Charter Approved
  • June/July 2023 – Appoint Strategic Plan Co-Chairs, Develop Organizational Framework and Implementation Plan
  • July 2023 – Identify, Assign and Confirm Stakeholder Team Leaders
  • August 2023 – Socialize Strategic Plan Review/Update with PLW Attendees
  • August 2023 – Establish and Kick-off Focus Groups
  • November 2023 – BOD Vector Check
  • May 2024 – BOD Approves Final Draft
  • November 2024 – Approve Supporting Post and COI Plans
  • December 2024 – Incorporate Resourcing Requirements into National Office Budget Proposal to the Executive Committee
  • January 2025 – Strategic Plan 2030 and Supporting Streamer Plan in Effect

Strategic Plan Development Team

Executive Advisor – Sharon Krock, SPWS, F.SAME, SAME President-Elect

Co-Chairs – Al Romano, F.SAME, and Col. Brian Duffy, USAF (Ret.)

Strategic Advisors – Cindy Lincicome, F.SAME; Rear Adm. Mark Handley, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.); Col. John Mogge, Ph.D., RA, F.SAME (Dist.), USAF (Ret.); Rad Delaney, AIA, F.SAME; Maj. Gen. Mike Wehr, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Strategic Plan Working Group

Josh Graham, P.E., F.SAME (Human Capital COIs)
Rick Wice, PG, F.SAME (Technical COIs)
Col. Bill Haight, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.) (Technical COIs)
Capt. Arpan Patel, USAF (Guided Pathways Task Force)
Carlos Sanchez, F.SAME (RVP, East)
Julia Pluff, F.SAME (RVP, West)
Charysse Knotts, P.E., F.SAME (RVP, OCONUS)
Lt. Col. Craig Bryant, P.E, USA (Elected Director)

Col. Blair Schantz, PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.) (Appointed Director)
Kathy Off (National Office)
Ann Ewy, F.SAME (Academy of Fellows)
Susan Thames (SAME Foundation Board)
Kellie Sak (Post Representative)
Melvin Williams (Executive Stakeholder)
Shea Delutix-Smith (Executive Stakeholder)
Lt. Cdr. Kevin Remley, P.E., USPHS (SLO Representative)

About SAME

Founded in 1920, in the interests of patriotism and national security, SAME has never wavered from a vow to support the needs of the United States, strengthen the joint engineering community, and advance the A/E/C profession. As was stated over a century ago in the inaugural issue of The Military Engineer: “this Society will serve no selfish ends.” 

With a National Office in Alexandria, Va., and 100 Posts (chapters) around the world, SAME provides its 25,000 members with extensive opportunities for training, education, and professional development through a robust offering of conferences, workshops, networking events, publications, webinars, and other member-driven programs. The membership includes recent service academy graduates and retired military officers, enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers, project managers, corporate executives, academic leaders, uniformed and public sector professionals, and private sector experts. Nationally, the Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Direction that comprises six National Officers, 17 Regional Vice Presidents, Chairs of the Communities of Interest, as well as 12 Elected Directors who serve three-year terms and are elected in groups of four annually by the membership. There are also several Appointed Directors selected on an annual basis and certain non-voting members.

Looking Back to Look Forward

As part of the development of the 2025 SAME Strategic Plan, the Society’s mission, vision, and strategic outcome were revised to move the organization forward while remaining consistent with its legacy of service and impact and building off the success of the 2020 SAME Strategic Plan.

SAME Mission: Build leaders and lead collaboration among government and industry to develop multidisciplined solutions to national security infrastructure challenges.

SAME Vision: Serve our nation as the foremost integrator for leadership development and technical collaboration within the A/E/C profession.

2025 Strategic Outcome: Set the industry standard for active membership that creates lasting impact at the local and national levels.


I have been a member of this Society since its inception. Its span of years has seen the most remarkable rate of development of civilization the world has ever witnessed. This accomplishment has synchronized with some of the most acute perils the human race has ever known and overcome. In both categories the engineer has distinguished himself and his profession. Not only in what he has done but in what he has prevented from being done, he has established himself as on the basic pillars of modern society. I have belonged to many distinguished groups but none in which I have a greater sense of honor than in the Society of American Military Engineers.

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, 1956