SAME is invested in providing members with the tools and resources to develop and advance their careers within the A/E/C profession.

The Credentialing Committee is a sub-group of the Young Professionals Community of Interest, and is working to help members understand the importance of credentials, what credentials apply to the A/E/C profession, and how to get and maintain them.

What are Credentials?

Licenses and accredited certifications are complementary credentials. Licenses define the individuals legally authorized permission to offer regulated services to the public whereas certifications do not. Accredited certification programs have been scrutinized by one or more of the three nationally-recognized certification accreditation bodies. Certifications enable professionals to pursue specialized skills in their field of practice and stay on the front end of technical capabilities.

Why is Credentialing Important?

Maintaining professional credentials demonstrate a level of technical competency in a specific field. For uniformed servicemembers, attaining credentials while serving in uniform improves technical skills and increases potential for promotion. After leaving the service, the same credentials can help individuals earn a position with higher initial pay.

Credentials measure an individual’s objective capabilities and technical credibility. The possession of one or more of these credentials indicates to the public that the holder’s capabilities have been vetted using regularly accepted practices.


Credentialing Assistance Program

The Young Professionals COI oversees SAME’s Credentialing Assistance Program to promote the professional development of Young Professionals and Enlisted Members in support of the Society’s Strategic Plan. The Credentialing Assistance Program provides financial support for professional development, education, licensure and certification preparation, exam testing, and mentoring initiatives to benefit members.

SAME will reimburse a portion of exam sitting or registration fees as well as reimburse for costs of testing preparation and training materials upon confirmation of passing of an exam.

Eligibility Requirements
  • This program is open to all SAME members, regardless of age.
  • Applicants must be a member of SAME for at least 18 months before applying.
  • Applicants must have passed the respective examination and provide required documentation with the application.
What this Program Covers
  • This program will provide financial assistance for exam sitting fees, registration fees, and/or study expenses (such as books or classes for the specific exam).
  • No single government official or employee shall receive through this assistance program more than $200 in assistance, whether one time or multiple times.
  • No single private sector individual shall receive through this program more than $500 in assistance, whether one time or multiple times.
Non-Listed Credentials
  • A SAME member may request reimbursement for a credential not listed. The Credentialing Committee will evaluate the information in the application and determine whether or not to approve the request. Additional information may be requested.

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Industry’s Top Credentials

Registered Architect
Registered Architect
      Project Management Professional
      Project Management Professional
      Facility Management Professional
      Facility Management Professional
      Certified Construction Manager
      Certified Construction Manager
      Certified Facility Manager
      Certified Facility Manager
      Certified Energy Manager
      Certified Energy Manager
      Certified Professional Services Marketer
      Certified Professional Services Marketer
      Design Build Institute of America
      Design Build Institute of America
      Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design
      Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design
      National Institute for Certification In Engineering Technologies
      National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
      Professional Engineer
      Professional Engineer

      Additional Information/Resources

      Military COOL Sites

      The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard offer portals, credentialing opportunity online (COOL), that highlight nationally recognized engineering and STEM-related credentials to help military engineers shape their career development while in uniform and in preparation for their transition to the private sector.

      Industry Certification Programs
      UA VIP
      Cable Installers Certifications