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Student Members represent the next generation of innovative STEM thinkers ready to take on the engineering challenges facing our national security. The Society is committed to recognizing the need to cultivate this valuable asset, and provide mentoring, occupational, training, leadership, and networking opportunities.

Joining SAME as a Student Member is a great way to learn more about the A/E/C industry and the nation’s critical infrastructure needs, begin to build your professional network, and find and develop mentoring relationships, and connect with peers interested in similar career paths.

Student Members can participate in Student Chapters, which are located in colleges, universities, and service academies across the country. Because they are sponsored by an SAME Post, Student Chapters also provide an opportunity for deeper connections to local professionals and mentors in the A/E/C industry.

Student Chapters by Post in the United States
State Chapter Mentor
Alabama Huntsville
Alabama A&M University
Agnes Pope
University of Alaska Anchorage
Tim Gould & Kim Riggs
California San Francisco, CA
Fresno State University
CDR Samuel Lee
Orange County
Saddleback College
Paige Fundament
San Diego
San Diego State University
James Haughey
Colorado Denver Metro Post
University of Colorado-Boulder
Elizabeth Wessling
Florida Jacksonville Jessica Triolo
Panama City
Gulf Coast State College-Florida State University
Amabelle Paquia
Georgia Atlanta
Georgia Tech
Joseph Brejda
Georgia Southern University
Maureen Warren
Kentucky Kentuckiana
University of Louisville
April Vance
Maryland Mid-Maryland, MD
University of Maryland College Park
Matt Polley
Duncan Simpson
Baltimore, MD
United States Naval Academy
Mychael Gaines
Morgan State University Bob Helkowski
Massachusetts Boston
Worchester Polytechnic Institute
Debra Beck
Mississippi Vicksburg
Jackson State University
University of Mississippi Jeffrey Eckstein
Missouri University of Kansas Erin Wheeler
Nebraska Omaha, NE
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
David Packard
Tony Roebuck
  University of Nebraska-Omaha Tony Roebuck
New Jersey New Jersey
Rowan University
Susan Thames
New York New York City
United States Military Academy
Michael Scarano
Ohio Cincinnati
University of Cincinnati
Clint Weekley
Philip Tilly
Oregon Portland
Oregon State University
Steve Miles
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania State University
Steven Sattinger
Rhode Island Narragansett Bay
United States Coast Guard Academy
South Carolina Charleston
The Citadel
James Righter
Texas Fort Worth
University of Texas Arlington
Ethan Lux
  Houston/Galveston | San Antonio
Texas A&M
Prairie View University
John German
Justin LaPorte
Eric Potts
  San Antonio
University of Texas, Austin
Lily Cartwright
Richard Galloway
Terry Watkins
Virginia Northern Virginia, Ft. Belvoir, VA
George Mason University
Hampton Roads
Old Dominion University
Virginia Technical Institute
Scott Blossom
Virginia Peninsula
Virginia Military Institute
Washington Seattle
University of Washington
Zachary Pesicka
Mount Tacoma
University of Washington Tacoma
Bill Fierst
West Virginia Huntington
Marshall University
Ken Woodard
Student Chapters by Post International
Country Chapter Mentor
Guam Guam
University of Guam
Agapito Diaz

2024 SAME Undergraduate Innovation Design Challenge:
A Design Project Competition

SAME student members represent the next generation of innovative STEM thinkers ready to take on society’s challenges. The Society is excited to announce an undergraduate innovation challenge to help identify and recognize the next great ideas.


The Innovation Design Challenge encourages students to submit projects that illustrate an innovative solution to an engineering problem. It is expected that projects submitted for consideration will be of the caliber used for a Senior Design or Capstone project.

Submissions in this competition will be evaluated on how well they convey the purpose of the project and its technical merit. Teams of 3-5 members will concisely communicate their design process and demonstrate that they have used sound analysis throughout and do so in a way that is easily understandable to technical and non-technical audiences. This document will outline the expectations for each team and submission as well as the grading rubric that will be used to evaluate the work.

First place teams will receive $599 per member

Second place teams will receive $499 per member

Third place teams will receive $399 per member

Team Requirements

All team members must be undergraduate-level students AND student members of SAME. Student membership in SAME is free to all students through the undergraduate level. For more information about joining SAME as a student member, go to: Student Membership – SAME.

Team can have between three and five members. Expected submission topics will be based on capstone or design projects. All submissions must include the names of each of the team members, emails, year, and SAME membership number.

Project Submissions
Phase 1 – Abstract Submission: 300-500 words

The abstract should summarize the key concepts, purpose, initial conclusions, and an overview of the science or engineering principles and results from your work. View the online submission. Abstracts will be evaluated and teams advancing to Phase 2 will receive notification.

Begin Abstract Submission

(NOTE: You will need to log in or create account to proceed.)

Phase 2 – Video Presentation Submission

The presentation will consist of a 5–10-minute MP4 video with audio. It should discuss the progression of the design project from concept and design, to planning, to analysis, and finally to the project build itself (or calculated results if the capstone project does not involve any physical construction). Additional details on areas to expand on are included in the Submission Rubric section. Detailed instructions will be provided to teams advancing to Phase 2.


12 February: Phase 1 Abstracts due

26 February: Teams advancing to Phase 2 notified

15 March: Phase 2 Video Presentations submitted

10 April: Judging complete; Results announced


1st Place: $599 per team member

2nd Place: $499 per team member

3rd Place: $399 per team member


The review committee will be composed of SAME industry and government professionals, and members of the College Outreach Community of Interest.


If you have any questions about the competition or how to submit, contact Jeannine Finton, SAME Program Manager, at

Submission Rubric
Category PTS
The team described their design project well and concisely 10
The team described their engineering analyses in an appropriate level of detail 10
The team followed a systematic process for evaluating and selecting their final concept 10
The team described their build process and project development well 10
The team accurately described/presented their final project well 10
The team provided an appropriate level of engineering analysis and technical detail 10
The project provides an innovative solution to an engineering problem 10
The project describes/resulted in a highly marketable product 10
The structure and grammar of the submission was professional 10
The team exhibits professionalism in appearance and communication 10


Though my career as an engineer has barely begun, I have had a relationship with SAME
since I was in 8th grade when I visited the Northern Virginia Post to present my model rocket.
I later received a scholarship to attend the SAME/U.S. Army Engineering & Construction
Camp in Vicksburg, Miss., and earned two Post scholarships for college. SAME has provided me
with many great connections and networking opportunities all along the way.

Sophia Gull, engineering graduate, the ohio state university