Goethals Medal

The SAME Goethals Medal is awarded to an SAME member for distinguished performance in the field of engineering, design or construction. The medal is named in honor of Col. George W. Goethals, USA, and was first awarded in 1956.

Eligibility: Registered Engineer who has been a member of SAME for at least one year prior to nomination. 

Nomination Criteria: Eminent and notable contributions in engineering, design, or construction in the past five years.

Nomination Process: Nominations for this award must be made by a Society member and endorsed by a Post President or member of the National Board of Direction, using the Society nomination form. Nomination must include the individual's state and expiration date of their license. The Post President or member of the National Board of Direction endorsing the nomination will verify that the individual meets the eligibility criteria for the award, and that the nomination package provides information to support each of the nomination criteria and all required information on the nominee. The nominator is responsible for ensuring the package, with endorsement, is submitted to the SAME National office by the deadline.

Narrative Template for Goethals Medal

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Goethals Medal Past Recipients

2021 Joseph E. Pado, P.E., TCCE
2020 BG Patrice Melancon, P.E., F.SAME, USAFR (Ret.)
2019 Renetta Pearson, P.E., 5th Civil Engineer Squadron
2018  Melanie Kito, P.E., NAVFAC Southwest
2017 Maj. Christopher Cagle, P.E., USAF, 8th Civil Engineer Squadron, Kunsan AB
2016 Christine Garrett, P.E.
2015 Cdr. Roland De Guzman, P.E., CEC, USN, 
2014 Joanie A. Campbell, P.E.
2013 CDR Matthew Beck, P.E., USCG
2012 Capt. Martin Smith, P.E., USN (Ret.)
2011 Col. David E. Anderson, P.E., USA
2010 Lt. Col. Monte S. Harner, USAF
2009 Lt. Col. Brian Files, P.E., PMP, USAF (Ret.)
2008 Ruben D. Cruz, Ph.D.
2007 Col. Robert Slockblower, P.R., USA (Ret.)
2006 Dominick M. Servedio, P.E., F.SAME
2005 Capt. Tracey J. Spielmann, P.E., USAF
2004 Ralph T. Kaneshiro, P.E.
2003 Dennis M. Firman, P.E., ACC/CEC
2002 Arthur H. Wu, Ph.D.
2001 Robert M. Moore
2000 Robert J. Taylor
1999 James E. Tancreto
1998 Douglas F. Burke
1997 Lt. Col. Wendell L Barnes, USA
1996 John C. Gribar
1995 Richard E. Carlson
1994 Eugene J. Fasullo
1993 Ralph B. Snowberger
1992 Dr. Robert D. Wolff
1991 William A. Keenan
1990 Karl Rocker, Jr.
1989 No winner
1988 Gary S. Gasperino
1987 Dr. Ralph J. Portier
1986 William L. Stevens
1985 Edward Cohen
1984 Dr. Alexander G. Tarics
1983 George J. Zeiler
1982 Euclid C. Moore
1981 Michael A. Kolessar
1980 Robert J. Taylor
1979 E. Montford Fucik
1978 Arthur Casagrande
1977 Garland L. Watts
1976 Henry W. Holiday
1975 James Polk Stafford, Jr.
1974 Col. John E. Catlin, Jr.
1973 Robert H. Hayes
1972 Dr. Michael Yachnis
1971 Robert Y. Hudson
1970 Dr. Arsham Amirikian
1969 Wendell W. Ralphe
1968 Col. Jerome 0. Ackerman
1967 Capt. Albert Rhoades Marshall
1966 Rear Adm. Robert R. Wooding
1965 Edwin E. Abbott
1964 John P. Davis
1963 CoI. Ralph A. Tudor
1962 Lt. Col. E. Robert de Luccia
1961 Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Hayes, III
1960 Lt. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr.
1959 John W. Sibert, Jr.
1958 Col. Walker L. Cisler
1957 Lt. Gen. Raymond A. Wheeler
1956 Dr. David B. Steinman