Industry-Government Engagement (IGE)

Industry-Government Engagement (IGE) is the cornerstone on which SAME was founded.  Our Society was formed in 1920 to: "...promote solidarity and co-operation between engineers in civil and military life...."  IGE is not about selling government access to industry partners to increase contracting probability.  IGE is about sharing knowledge and best practices, conducting joint training with government and industry that mimics real-world situations, and collaborating on issues at every level in order to achieve consensus, efficiency and transparency.  True IGE benefits industry, government and directly contributes to national security.  According to the Strategic Plan, by 2020:The SAME Industry-Government Engagement Plan should be effectively producing viable solutions that enhance industry/government collaboration and add value to joint efforts to improve America’s infrastructure.  It should establish local recognition of the role of SAME among all levels of government, industry, academic and business interests.  There are many ways that SAME members can make a difference at all levels of IGE.


  1. Host an IGE Workshop.  IGE workshops are now being tracked in annual Post reports and part of Streamer Requirements.  If you are not sure how to get started, please contact Kathy Off,, 703-549-3800 ext. 153.
  2. Participate in the annual joint Table Top Exercise (TTX) at the Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC).  Click here to see more information about the TTX and the JECO Committee.
  3. Apply to attend a CEO Roundtable.  Outcomes and progress are documented below.
  4. Share SAME Perspectives (below) with other industry and government professionals.


Resources & Documents

SAME 2025 Strategic Plan OMB Guidance on Conferences
2018 Industry-Government Engagement Plan Army Chief of Staff Guidance on Interaction with Associations
SAME Perspectives, Vol. 1 NFE FAQs
DSD Memo on Engaging with Industry 3-2-18 IGE Workshop How-To


Events & Archives


SAME Rhein-Main Post - USACE Europe District TORN Process Discussion
Recording with Slides
NAU Remaining FY20AE Opportunities


Project Delivery Industry Government Working Group (IGWG formed from CEO Roundtable in Pittsburgh - SBC)

In November 2017, SAME sponsored an Industry-Government Work Group (IGWG) to explore Partnering with respect to Federal contracts.  In addition to SAME, the group was supported by AGC, DBIA and LCI, NAVFAC and USACE, and members from the AEC industry.  They evaluated the current directives of OSD, NAVFAC and USACE; and developed a road map to reinvigorate partnering.  The IGWG’s findings were briefed to OSD and the Service Chiefs in May 2018 and November 2018; and the two main recommendations of “Reinvigorate the Mindset” and “Develop Scalable Partnering based on Risk” were accepted.  At the 2019 JETC, the IGWG and OSD will brief the “Project Development Agreement (PDA)” which is under development.

SBC Partnering 10-31-18

Scalable Partnering Matrix 10-28-18


USAFA CE Summary



Defense Related Association Meeting - Jul 19

Charleston Post IGE Workshop - Aug 11

PACOM IGE Workshop - Sep 20

CEO Roundtable - Nov 16



CEO Roundtable Read-Ahead | September 29, 2016

CEO Roundtable Summary | September 29, 2016

CEO Roundtable - Resulting White Paper | September 29, 2016

Tulsa Post Issues Workshop Summary | October 18, 2016