Environmental Community

Environmental COI

Community Mission

The SAME Environmental Community of Interest supports the 2025 SAME Strategic Plan.

The COI will support and engage SAME Posts, DOD and Federal Agencies by providing members with a wide range of programs, activities, and information to enable them to stay on the forefront of environmental technologies, management and regulatory developments facing the A/E/C community and national security.  The Environmental COI is committed to creating both opportunities and programs that facilitate meaningful relationships between leaders in industry and government, leading to increased collaboration and partnering.

Community Leaders
Rick Wice

Rick Wice, PG

(412) 260-9694

Steering Committee
Steering Committee

Outreach and Communications: Mr. Rick Gillespie (Regenesis )

Webinars and JETC: Jane Huber (EurofinsUS)

Regulatory Compliance: Judy Gallagher (AECOM)

Young Member Liaisons: Kayla Devault (USPHS) and Andrew Colvin (US Army)

Remediation Programs: Chris Hook, PE (Tetra Tech)

NEPA:  Jennifer Warf (AECOM)

Laboratory Services: Jim Carter, F.SAME (EmaxLabs)

Emerging Issues: William H. DiGuiseppi, PG (Jacobs)

Small Business Liaison: David Rose (Rose Consultants, LLC)

Post Outreach Liaison: Michael Hanlon (Sovereign Consulting Inc.)

Air Quality Issues: Massie Hatch President, MS Hatch Consulting


SAME National Webinars