Curtin Award

Curtin Award

The Curtin Award is named in honor of Maj. Gen. Robert H. Curtin, USAF. It is presented for the most outstanding Air Force Civil Engineering unit during the calendar year. The plaque was first awarded for 1966.


Unit of the United States Air Force Civil Engineer, Air Force Major Air Command, or other Air Force Civil Engineering activity.

Nomination Criteria

Most outstanding unit in three categories: small, large and Air Reserve Component. View the detailed criteria and nomination procedures.  *You must have a CAC card to view this site.

Please contact your chain of command for information about the Uniformed Service Awards nomination process.  SAME provides a formal ceremony for recipients.

Past Curtin Award Recipients

(Large Unit)
86th Civil Engineer Group, Ramstein AB, Germany (USAFE-AFAFRICA)
(Small Unit)
19th Civil Engineer Squadron, Little Rock AFB, AR (AMC)
136th Civil Engineer Squadron, Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, TX (ANG)

(Large Unit)
35th Civil Engineer Squadron, Misawa AB, Japan
(Small Unit)
31st Civil Engineer Squadron, Aviano AB, Italy
155th Civil Engineer Squadron, Lincoln ANGB, Neb.

(Large Unit)
18th Civil Engineer Group, Kadena AB, Japan
(Small Unit)
7th Civil Engineer Squadron, Dyess AFB, Texas
932nd Civil Engineer Squadron, Scott AFB, Ill.

(Large Unit)
96th Civil Engineer Group, Eglin AFB, Fla.
(Small Unit)
14th Civil Engineer Squadron, Columbus AFB, Miss.
172nd Civil Engineer Squadron, Jackson ANGB, Miss.

(Large Unit)
11th Civil Engineer Squadron, Joint Base Andrews, Md.
(Small Unit)
8th Civil Engineer Squadron, Kunsan AB, Korea
434th Civil Engineer Squadron, Grissom ARB, Ind.

52nd Civil Engineer Squadron, Spangdahlem AB
355th Civil Engineer Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB
934th Civil Engineer Squadron, Minneapolis-St. Paul ARS

18th Civil Engineer Group, Kadena AB, Japan
27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron, Cannon AFB, N.M.
140th Civil Engineer Squadron, Buckley AFB, Colo.

87th Civil Engineer Squadron
355th Civil Engineer Squadron
439th Civil Engineer Squadron

49th Civil Engineer Squadron Holloman AFB, N.M.
27 SOCES Cannon AFB, N.M.
145 Civil Engineer Squadron Charlotte Douglas Air National Guard Base, N.C.
115th Civil Engineer Squadron
52nd Civil engineer Squadron
355th Civil Engineering Squadron
482nd Civil engineering Squadron
4th Civil Engineering Squadron
23rd Civil Engineering Squadron
554th RED HORSE Squadron, Andersen Air Force Base, Guam (Small Unit)
60th Civil Engineering Squadron, Travis Air Force Base, Calif. (Large Unit)
134th Civil Engineering Squadron, McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, Tenn. (Air Reserve Component)
100th Civil Engineer Squadron, United Kingdom (Small Unit)
18th Civil Engineer Group, Japan (Large Unit)
108th Civil Engineer Squadron, N.J. (Air Reserve Component)
21st CES (Small Unit)
4th CES (Large Unit)
126th CES (ANG) (Air Reserve Component)
100 CES, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom (USAFE) (Small Unit)
3 CES, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska (Large Unit)
118 CES, Nashville, Tenn. (ANG) (Air Reserve Component)
35th CES, Misawa Air Force Base (Large Unit)
314th CES, Little Rock Air Force Bse (Small Unit)
18th CES, Kadena Air Force Base (Large Unit)
341st CES, Malmstrom Air Force Base (Small Unit)
52nd CES, Spangdalhlem Air Force Base (Large Unit)
27th CES, Cannon Air Force Base (Small Unit)
86th CEC, (Large Unit)
43rd CES, (Small Unit)
437th CES, (Large Unit)
31st CEC, (Small Unit)
52nd CES, (Large Unit)
92nd CES, (Small Unit)
49th CES, (Large Unit)
56th CES, (Small Unit)
86th CES, (Large Unit)
92nd CES, (Small Unit)
52nd CES (Large Unit)
4th CES (Small Unit)
10th CES Grp. ,(Large Unit)
31st CES, (Small Unit)
12th CES, (Large Unit)
437th CES, (Small Unit)
2Oth CES (ACC), Shaw AFB, SC (Large Unit)
14th CES, Columbus AFB, MS (Small Unit)
432nd CES, Misawa AB, Japan (Large Unit)
17th CES, Goodfellow AFB, TX (Small Unit)
355th CES (ACC), DavisMonthan AFB, AZ (Large Unit)
96th CES, Dyess AFB, TX (ACC) (Small Unit)
351st CES(SAC), Whiteman AFB, MO (Large Unit)
27th CES (TAC), Cannon AFB, NM (Small Unit)
90th CES, F.E. Watren AFB, WY (Large Unit)
5099th CE Operations Squadron, Elmendorf AFB, AK (Small Unit)
2852nd CES, McClellan AFB, CA (Large Unit)
27th CES, Cannon AFB, NM (Small Unit)
36th CES, Bitburg AB, Germany (Large Unit)
1010th CES, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, CO (Small Unit)
325th CES (TAC), Tyndall AFB, FL (Large Unit)
347th CES (TAC), Moody AFB, GA (Small Unit)
1986 6510th CES, Edwards AFB, CA
1985 18th Cbt. Spt. Gp. (PACAF), Kadena Air Base, Japan
1984 432nd CES (PACAF), Misawa Air Base, Japan
1982 42nd CES, Loring AFB, ME 1983 2849th CES, Hill AFB, UT
1981 436th CES Dover AFB, DE
1980 56th CES, MacDill AFB, FL
1979 100th CES, Beale AFB, CA
1978 52nd CES, 52nd Cbt. Spt. Grp., Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany
1977 475th CES, Yokota AFB, Japan
1976 341st CES, Malmstrom AFB, MT
1975 67th Cbt. Spt. Grp., 6767th CES, Bergstrom AFB, TX
1974 90th CES, Warren AFB, WY
1973 317th CES (TAC), Pope AFB, NC
1972 Civil Engineering Shool, AF Institute of Technology, Air University, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
1971 3202nd CES (AFSC), Eglin AFB , FL
1970 27th CES (TAC), Cannon AFB, NM
1969 4756th CES, Tyndall AFB, FL
1967 96th CES, Dyess AFB, TX 1968 355th CES, Takhli Royal Thai AFB, Thailand
1966 4510th CES, Luke AFB, AZ