STEM Champion Award – Individual

STEM Champion Award – Individual

For excellence and leadership in supporting STEM. As a way to recognize exceptional contributions in advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs. This award will recognize the most outstanding individuals each year.


Must be an SAME Member for 3 years and a member of the National STEM COI to be eligible

Nomination Criteria
  • Innovation
    Describe creative ideas, enhancements, unique outreach and concepts this person has contributed that have helped improve the furthering of STEM education, or enhanced the overall success of Post STEM programs. Include unique or innovative products or programs designs/processes or ideas that helped improve quality or operations in Post STEM programs. [Full details of these ideas & programs can be explained in para 3]
  • Leadership
    Describe how this individual has demonstrated leadership in developing STEM teams, providing guidance and leading STEM events and programs. This may include providing vision and strategy to STEM activities, setting an example for others to follow, looking for and acting on STEM opportunities, being proactive and self-motivated fostering STEM, persevering in the face of obstacles, connecting with other STEM organizations – actively impacts STEM events, activities, processes, students…. and looks for ways to improve STEM actions.
  • STEM Outreach Events
    Describe the events and programs this person has led or participated in, include: the type of event, names of other organizations involved, attendance, how the event was planned and organized, marketed, budgeted and follow-up programs to stay connected with students. Success in developing strategic partners that furthered STEM education or awareness in the community. Events may include camps, scholarships, outreach events, STEM presentations, mentoring, student/ teacher /school connections….
  • STEM Results
    Describe the results this person has achieved through the conduct of programs and activities in para 3. Results can be explained in terms of number of contacts, volunteers involved, external organizations engaged, tracking/mentoring students through college and beyond, scholarship awarded and students mentored and tracked long term, new relationships developed, camps and special events conducted that result in students choosing a STEM track.
Nomination Process

Nominations will only be accepted online using the designated application form on the SAME website. Nominations will only be accepted during the designated dates. Self-nominations will be considered. Nominations must include a supporting narrative.  The nomination can cover the last 3 years.

Past STEM Champion Award

2021 Brad Dybel, P.E.
2020 Ms. Victoria Hernandez
2019 Traci Dewar, CFM, 1st Special Operations Mission Support Group, Hurlburt Field
2018 Nicole Gunyon, 375th Civil Engineer Squadron, Scott AFB | Scott Field Post
2017 William Kilpatrick, Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP, HP Environmental Inc. | Northern Virginia Post