Toulmin Award

Toulmin Award

The Toulmin Medal was created by Col. H.A. Toulmin, U.S. Army Air Corps, and first awarded in 1932. Two medals may be awarded annually—one to a Regular Member of SAME (including Life, Enlisted, Fully-Retired or Sustaining Member Representative) and one to a Young Member of SAME—based on quality of the article.


In order for an article to be eligible for consideration for the Toulmin Medal:

All authors of an individual article in The Military Engineer must be a member of SAME prior to publication of the article. In the case of multiple authors of an article, the lead author of the winning article will be awarded the Toulmin Medal.

Nomination Criteria

The published article must:

  1. Contribute to the knowledge of military engineering or national security; and
  2. Publicize and preserve the accomplishments of engineers in their missions throughout the world.
Nomination and Submission Process

No nominations are accepted for this medal. A committee selects based on the articles published in The Military Engineer in the prior year.

Evaluation Criteria:

Articles that are eligible for the Toulmin Medal and meet the nomination criteria will be evaluated by a panel of judges based on the overall quality of the article including writing style, and the use of strong examples and real-life scenarios, up-to-date facts, sound approaches to solving problems and, where applicable, concise information that addresses the impact of the method, technology or system to users in the years ahead.

Past Toulmin Medal Recipients
  • 2021 Designing a National Asset, JJ Tang, LEED AP, FAIA, F.SAME | Mike Doiel, Matt Bird
  • 2020 RDML Dean VanderLey, P.E., USN | John Douglass
  • 2019 Jon Schmidt, P.E., SECB, Burns & McDonnell | “Evolving Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings”
  • 2018 Steven Miles, P.E., F.SAME, USACE Hydroelectric Design Center | “Corps Power is Water Power”
  • 2017 Rob McAtee, P.E., CEM, LEED AP, Mason & Hanger | “Designing for Energy Security in an Unsecure World”
  • 2016 Lt. Col. Kevin Lovell, PMP, USA (Ret.)
  • 2015 Maj. Erica Tortella, USAF – Mission Support to Mission Essential: An Analysis of Air Force Engineer Doctrine and Capabilities
  • 2014 Maj. Tobin Flinn, PMP, USA – Expeditionary, Agile and Ready to Deploy
  • 2013 Col. Douglas P. Wise, P.E., CEM, GBE, USAF (Ret.) – Energy Security: A National Roadmap
  • 2012 Lt. Col. John Buse, P.E., USAFR; Co-Author: Col. Joel Cross, PMP, USA – Transition to Diplomacy
  • 2011 Col. Jeffry Knippel, USAF – Two Models, One Mission
  • 2010 Col. Michael Hutchison, LEED AP, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.) Advancing MILCON Transformation
  • 2009 Maj. Frank R. Hughes, P.E., USAF, 65th Civil Engineer Squandron – Military Construction at Bagram Airfield
  • 2008 Christopher Day, P.E. – Master Planning in the AOR
  • 2007 Larry D.Walker, The Louis Berger Group Inc. – Stabilization Reconstruction
    Michael J. Roth, P.E., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Overhead Protection
  • 2006 Maj. Phillip L. Landeros, P.E., ANG – Bridging the Tigris
    Maj. Jared L. Ware, USA – Geospatial Intelligence and Engineers
  • 2005 Keith Kowadio, P.E., LS3P Associates Ltd. – Time-Saving Lean Design
  • 2004 Col. Christopher J. Toomey, P.E., F.SAME, USA – Building in Contingencies and in Combat
    Capt. James S. Duke, E.I.T., USAF – Value-Focused Energy Solutions
  • 2003 Marc S. Caspe, P.E. – Terrorism & Energy Dissipating Systems and Explosion Barriers & Wall Strengthening Systems
    Sgt. Robert Woodward, USA  Spanning More than a River
  • 2002 Linda N. Allen, Ret. Col. Douglas D. Gransberg, P.E., Keith R. Molenaar, Ph.D – Partnering D-B Contracts
    Diana L. Pletz – Recent Graduates: On the Job”
  • 2001 Larry Woscyna – Kissimmee River Restoration
    Lt. Scott Washburn, USCG – Old Light Station Sheds New Light
  • 2000 Dana Finney – Smart Sensors at West Point
    Lt. David J. Palazzetti, USCG – Maine Lights Program: Saving by Divestiture
  • 1999 John E. Peters – New in Naples
    Lt. John P. Slaughter, USCG – Disasters and the Coast Guard
  • 1998 Lt. Cmdr. John W. Korka, Maj. Daniel J. Worth – Seabees in Bosnia
  • 1997 Capt. Mark L. Gillem – Creating Communities Not Compounds
    Maj. Donald F. Archibald, Stephen W. Hughes – Operation Joint Endeavor: Environmental Lessons
  • 1996 Maj. Peter Tabacchi, Dr. Paul F Mlaker, Col. Bruce K. Howard – Restoring Brcko Bridge
    Paul Redding – On-Target Remediation
  • 1995 Dr. Mark E. Zappi – Peroxone ‘POPS’ Groundwater
    Capt. Micheal Bowen – What’s Wrong with Mitigation Banks?’
  • 1994 Capt. Palmer W. Roberts – Normandy; The Naval Story
    Jennifer C. Metts – Environmental Cleanup for Base Closure
  • 1993 Brig. Gen. Ralph V. Locurcio, Col. Frank R. Finch, and Maj. Deborah L. Nykyforchyn – ‘Piercing Winds‘ Hit Hawaii
    Mary L. Hughes – Aerospace Composites for Civil Engineers
  • 1992 Gordon S. Crighton – Europe’s Channel Tunnel
    Capt. John E. Buse – Engineer Warrior Day
  • 1991 Dr. Benjamin W. Remondi – Artificial Constellation: The Global Positioning System
    C. Ernest Edgar, IV – 249th Engineers Storm the Desert
  • 1990 1st Lt. Mark E. Austin – A New Method of Runway Repair
    Rear Adm. (Sel) G. Brian Estes – Trident Base East-Completing the Construction Program
  • 1989 Dr. Jacques S. Gansler – Changes in the Defense Engineering/Business Environment for the 1990’s
    Lauren Kaslow – The DASE Co-op Program
  • 1988* Graham Turbiville – Soviet Engineers in Afghanistan
    Capt. Michael J. Kaleda – Building a Home for the B-l
  • 1987 Dr. Alexander G. Tarics – Earthquake: Are We Ready?
  • 1986 Dr. Paul E. Torgersen – The Health of Engineering Education
  • 1985 George B. Korte, Jr. – CADD’s Impact on NE Firms
  • 1984 Lt. Col. Andrew M. Perkins – Operation URGENT FURY; An Engineer’s View
  • 1983 Dr. Jacques S. Gansler – Industrial Preparedness: National Security in the Nuclear Age
  • 1982 Thomas H. Spencer – The NE’s Role in Mobilization
  • 1981 Dr. Hungdah Chiu – A Rapprochement Between the Two Chinas?
  • 1980 James G. Stanley – Energy for Today and Tomorrow
  • 1979 Dr. Leland R. Johnson –19th Century Engineering: The Davis Island Lock and Dam (Parts I & II)
  • 1978 Richard P. Howell – Upgrading the Northeast’s Rail Corridor
  • 1977 Harry E. Bovay – Global Resources Outlook
  • 1976 Dr. Leland R. Johnson – Sword, Shovel, and Compass
  • 1975 Brig. Gen. William Whipple,Jr. – Water Supply and Energy Production in the Northeast
  • 1974 Brig. Gen. George A. Lincoln – Energy Security
  • 1973 Dr. Leland R. Johnson – 19th Century Engineering
  • 1972 Maj. Gen. Richard H. Groves – The AGNES Disaster
  • 1971 Maj. William B. Willard, Jr. –The National Environmental Crisis-An Engineer’s View
  • 1970 Lt. Cmdr. Robert D.Smart – Man in the Sea: An Ocean Engineering Resource
  • 1969 Walter J. Tudor – Antarctic Wharf In the Ice
  • 1968 Lt. Col. Maurice K. Kurtz, Jr. – Nuclear Excavation Research
  • 1967 Brig. Gen. Harry G. Woodbury, Jr. – Shipway between the Oceans
  • 1966 Lt. James C. Thomas – The Computer Story
  • 1965 Kenneth R. Stunkel – A Chronical of Mapping
  • 1964 Alfred R. Golze – Califomia State Water Project
  • 1963 Col. Richard L Clutterbuck – Military Engineering as a Weapon in the Cold War
  • 1962 Brig. Gen. William R. Woodward – Space Logistics from Earth to Mars
  • 1961 Capt. Charles J. Merdinger – Bridges through the Ages
  • 1960 Lt. Cmdr. J.C. LeDoux – Nuclear Power: Promise and Problems
  • 1959 Capt. Fred E Kravath – Nuclear Development in Continental Europe
  • 1958 Lt. Gen. R.A. Wheeler – Clearing the Suez Canal
  • 1957 Cmdr. Charles J. Merdinger – Canals through the Ages
  • 1956 Prof. Frank R. Barnett – Cracking the Thought Barrier
  • 1955 Lt. Gen. Leslie R. Groves – Educating America for the Atomic Age
  • 1954 Brig. Gen. John R. Hardin –The Mississippi-Atchafalaya Diversion Problem
  • 1953 Cmdr. Palmer W. Roberts – Cold Weather Engineering
  • 1952 Cmdr. Charles J. Merdinger – Roads through the Ages and Civil Engineering through the Ages
  • 1951 Lt. Col. Robert R. Ellis – The Confederate Corps of Engineers
  • 1950 Lt. Col. David B. Parker – Engineers in Atomic Offense And Defense
  • 1949 Lt. Col. Stanley W. Dziuban – Artificial Flooding in Military Operations
  • 1948 Dr. Roger Shaw – Adam to Atom
  • 1947 Brig. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr. – Engineer Operations in the Leyte Campaign
  • 1946 Maj. Philip G. Krueger – Three Articles on Operation Crossroads
  • 1945 Maj. Gen. Cecil R. Moore – Engineer Supply in the Continental Invasion
  • 1944 Lt. Col. Walter C. Carey – Soil Engineering Practices for Military Engineers
  • 1943 Maj. Gen. Julian L Schley – Policy of Preparedness
  • 1942 Lt. Col. Shelby A. McMillion – Strategic Route to Alaska
  • 1941 Lt. Col. Paul w: Thompson – Engineers in Battle
  • 1940 Capt. Alfred D. Starbird – Strategic Canals
  • 1939 Col. R.T. Ward – Engineers in the First Army Maneuvers at Plattsburg
  • 1938 Maj. G.A. Roush – Strategic & Critical Minerals
  • 1937 Maj. Elbridge Colby – John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough
  • 1936 Maj. B.T. Reynolds – Italy, Ethiopia, and World Affairs
  • 1935 Verne G. Sanders – Survey Map Control for Los Angeles
  • 1934 Col. W. G. Caples – Transportation
  • 1933 Col. Thomas H. Jackson – Leadership and Organization
  • 1932 Col. E.G. Paules – With the Military Mission to Italy

Honorable Mention

  • 2010 Col. Fred Wenger III, PMP, USMC (Ret.)
  • 2009 Mr. Steven Ashton and Lt Col. Christian Knutson, USAF

* Second medal authorized in 1988 for young members.