Academy of Fellows Nomination Criteria and Form

The nomination process kicked off with an informative webinar on June 9, 2021, 12:00 pm EDT:





Nomination Instructions

Prior to August 6: Nominees must submit intention to apply for Fellow to their Regional Fellows Point of Contact (RFPOC).  Nomination packet must be at 50% complete stage as determined by the RFPOC.  Nominees must work with their respective RFPOC on the process for submission and review at the regional level.

August 6: RFPOCs submit list of nominees to National Office. Any nominations received by National at a later date will not be accepted.  Nominations submitted via this form will not be accepted until after August 6.

August 27Complete draft of nomination packet due to RFPOC.

October 1: Completed Nominations Packages for SAME Fellow are due to the SAME National Office.  We suggest that you do not wait until October 1 to ensure that your file uploads correctly.  

December 31: Results provided to nominees/nominators.

Investiture will occur at 2022 JETC  - more information on exact date to follow.

** If you have any questions on the nomination process and/or to confirm receipt of your nomination package, please contact Kathy Off, **

Step 1: Download Nomination Form HERE.  The form is in a Word Document to make it easier for you to enter and edit answers prior to final submission.  We recommend doing this prior to submitting your intentions with your RFPOC.

Step 2: Attach Endorsements.  This is the last step before submission to your RFPOC for review.

Step 3: Turn your document with endorsements into a PDF.  You can do this by scanning it or by using Adobe Acrobat.

Step 4: Upload your packet via the form to the right.