US Marine Corps Engineer Officer of the Year

Outstanding Engineer Officer

Presented for outstanding contributions to military engineering by senior Engineers, Utilities, or EOD Officers and SNCOs serving at a Major Subordinate Command (MSC) or higher.  The award development was a joint effort between SAME and the U.S. Marine Corps Engineering Association and was first awarded for 2008.


Members of the U.S. Marine Corps, regular, reserve, who serve as engineering officers.

Nomination Criteria

Most outstanding contribution to military engineering through achievement in design, construction, administration, research, or development. MCEA will convene a panel each year to select one officer from among five award categories from the MCEA Awards Program.

Please contact your chain of command for information about the Uniformed Service Awards nomination process.  SAME provides a formal ceremony for recipients.

Past USMC Engineer Officer of the Year Award Recipients
  • 2019 1st Lt. Carlos Perez, USMC, Marine Wing Support Squadron 372, Marine Aircraft Group 39
  • 2018 Chief Warrant Officer 4 Danilo McCabe, USMC, Marine Corps Detachment Fort Lee
  • 2017 Chief Warrant Officer Five Richard Cordes, USMC, Marine Corps Installations & Logistics
  • 2016 Chief Warrant Officer Two Charles Bell, USMC
  • 2015 1st Lt. Joseph Garcia, USMC
  • 2014 Capt. Jonathan C. Scarfe, USMC
  • 2013 Capt. Lars Rockholm, USMC
  • 2012 1st Lt. Stafford A. Buchanan, USMC
  • 2011 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Anthony Reiter, USMC
  • 2010 Capt. Todd A. Peterson, USMC
  • 2009 Capt. Colter J. Bahlau
  • 2008 1st Lt. George A. Saenz, USMC