Facility Asset Management Community

Facility Asset Management Community

Community Mission

Improve the efficient, effective, and sustainable stewardship of federal facilities through research and advocacy of facility asset management best practices, fostering facility management educational and professional development opportunities, and addressing current and future facility management issues.

Community Leaders
Lisa Cooley
Community Chair

Lisa Cooley

Community Vice-Chair

Michael Zapata, Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Community Structure
Organization Structure

Geospatial Working GroupDavid Foster

Technology and Innovation LeadGlady Singh

Management and Strategy LeadJeff Freemyer

Operations and Maintenance LeadRigo Cisneros

Restoration and Modernization LeadJim Wink

Facility Management Workshop LeadJim Turner

Education Programs Lead: Vacant

Communications LeadCarole Mahady

Post LiaisonRichard Polo

Young Professionals LiaisonSean Stuntz

Tri-Services Working Group LiaisonBret Muilenberg

SAME National Webinars