Facility Asset Management Community

Facility Asset Management Community

Community Mission

Improve the efficient, effective, and sustainable stewardship of federal facilities through research and advocacy of facility asset management best practices, fostering facility management educational and professional development opportunities, and addressing current and future facility management issues.

Community Leaders
Michael Zapata, P.E.
Community Chair

Michael Zapata, P.E.
Chair, SAME Facilities Asset Management COI

Welcome to the SAME Facilities Asset Management COI! With the onset of more constrained funding, hybrid workspaces and extreme weather effects layered on top of aging facilities and infrastructure the need for AM knowledge and collaboration is greater than ever.

The FAM COI offers a unique opportunity to bring together DoD and Industry AM thought leaders and AM seekers to explore knowledge, resources, and technologies to enable confident analysis and decision making while managing risk.

I invite you to partake in our variety of forums from webinars to FAM Session Track and the FAM Forum at JETC. Our Geospatial Working group offers collaborations across industries and agencies on cutting edge technologies to enable site picture generation, digital surveying and 3D modeling.

For those interested in more interaction, we invite you to join our steering group to direct the COI activities or share your AM knowledge through a speaking engagement. Join us in the national Asset Management journey.

Lisa Cooley
Past Chair

Lisa Cooley

Community Structure
Organization Structure

Geospatial Working Group: Scott Ensign

Technology and Innovation Lead: Glady Singh

Management and Strategy Lead: Jeff Freemyer

Operations and Maintenance Lead: Rigo Cisneros

Restoration and Modernization Lead: Jim Wink

Education Programs Lead: Matt Anderson

Communications Lead: Carole Mahady

Post Liaison: Vacant

Young Professionals Liaison: Sean Stuntz

Tri-Services Working Group Liaison: Bret Muilenberg

JETC FAM COI Session Track Leads Vacant (multiple positions)

Interested in getting involved in the steering group, contact: Michael Zapata

SAME National Webinars