2022 SAME Foundation Donor Impact Report

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In 2016, with a vision to strengthen and expand the philanthropic efforts of SAME and the lasting contributions of its members, partners, and stakeholders to the architecture, engineering, and construction fields in support of national security, the SAME Foundation was established.

Seven years into its mission to foster engineering leadership for the nation, the SAME Foundation, with the help of its generous donors and sponsors, has increased its reach and influence and advanced programs making an impact across the nation. Our vision to discover and nurture the talent necessary to face this country’s many challenges, and keep it in the cutting edge of readiness, has been realized in our successes since our inception and made significant progress in 2022.

From the Board Chair and President:

Welcome to the SAME Foundation Impact Report for 2022. As Board Chair and President of the SAME Foundation, I am deeply grateful to all our donors for the continued support. Your gifts are making a direct difference in the lives of aspiring STEM professionals and young leaders across the nation.

2022 was a year of marked growth and expansion for the Foundation, which is thanks to the philanthropic giving of our donors.

Rear Adm. Dave Nash, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.), USN (Ret.), SAME Foundation Board ChaiR

2022 was a year of marked growth and expansion for the Foundation, which is thanks to the philanthropic giving of our donors. Our ability to invest in the next generation of engineering leaders is only possible because of your charitable contributions. We were able to enhance our world-class Leader Development Program with high-quality speakers, book discussions, group exercises, and in-person engagements to build leadership skills in high potential mid-career members. We expanded our footprint with the We Must Go To Them project (which originated from the 2021 Leader Development Program) to engage American Indian/Alaska Native youth in STEM. And we embarked on a new effort through our Camps Mentoring Program, increasing resources and opportunities for young professionals, servicemembers, cadets, and teachers to give back, grow, and lead as mentors at SAME’s Engineering & Construction Camps.

During 2022, the Foundation received $169,590 in gifts from individual donors, and $43,990 from corporate donors, which helped fund our three leading programs. We built great momentum that is only increasing during 2023. We are proud to have received a Platinum Seal of Transparency by Candid (GuideStar) and a four-star rating with Charity Navigator. Over 90 percent of our expenditures go to programmatic costs.

  • Our Leader Development Program graduated 18 participants in the 2021-2022 cohort, with another 19 following behind them this past year on their curriculum of readings, seminars, speakers, and discussions, capped by a Utilization Project that advances a significant engineering issue.
  • We sent over 20 Camp Mentors to SAME’s Engineering & Construction Camps, offering a win-win opportunity for the 217 high school campers who attended camps in 2022 to interact directly with professional members of the industry while also building leadership skills in the mentors.
  • Our STEM Pathways Program (formerly We Must Go To Them) was selected for a $61,000 grant from the United Engineering Foundation in 2021, which, coupled with funding from the Foundation, helped us make inroads with American Indian and Alaska Native youth during 2022, holding a series of STEM workshops in underserved communities in Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Florida.

You can read more about each of these programs in the following report. These accomplishments are thanks to the financial generosity provided by donors such as yourself. When you make a donation to the SAME Foundation, you are actually making an investment—helping build a strong pipeline of engineering and STEM professionals ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

The future of our nation is in their hands; but because of you today, we can ensure they are ready.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, thank you for your continued support of your SAME Foundation.

Rear Adm. Dave Nash, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.), USN (Ret.), SAME Foundation Board Chair


Total graduates from the Leader Development Program as of 2022


Average hours of dedicated leadership training each participant receives over the course of the year


Number of successful Utilization Projects delivered by LDP participants as of 2022


Funding provided by the SAME Foundation for the LDP in 2022

Program Impact:

Leader Development Program

Know Your Self, Know Your Team, and Know Your Future

Established in 2019, the SAME Leader Development Program (LDP) identifies and cultivates talent from within the Society’s membership to develop leaders for the future of the A/E/C profession and address the nation’s grand challenges. Participants explore individual strengths and team dynamics as they build leadership experience alongside their peers in a true joint environment. Since its inception, about half of program participants have come from the uniformed services; the other half represent SAME member companies.

Facilitated by the Leader Development COI and financially underwritten by the SAME Foundation, the LDP encourages the growth and enrichment of the next generation of military, government, and industry leaders through a curriculum of hands-on training, study, and active engagement in new opportunities. Participants also complete an independent or collaborative utilization project that must be focused on a key need or interest-area of SAME or the A/E/C profession as a capstone to the program.

At SAME’s Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) in 2022, the Society witnessed the graduation of the 2021-2022 cohort, along with recognition of the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 cohorts (which had virtual graduation ceremonies due to the pandemic). These three cohorts comprise 57 trained and dedicated leaders, building a strong core of future Society, industry, and government leaders positioned to greatly benefit the A/E/C community.

I learned that anybody, at even the lowest level of an organization, has opportunity to lead.

Taylor Chassaignac, Class of 2021-2022

Each participant in the LDP puts in approximately 120 hours during the year to attend monthly webinars, meet with mentors, and read three books with monthly book sessions. Participants cap the year-long program with a Utilization Project Implementation Capstone (UPIC), a research project that provides impact to the Society or supports the efforts of the 2025 SAME Strategic Plan.

Each UPIC makes significant, measurable impacts on industry-government engagement, STEM, resilience, leader development, or and servicemember transition/engagement. Since 2021, participants in the LDP have delivered 32 successful projects, with another 12 being worked on in 2022.

Graduates Leading the Way

Pam Little, P.E., PMP, GPCP

Class of 2021-2022

SAME Southeast Regional Vice President

Bruce Preston

Class of 2020-2021

SAME Southwest Regional Vice President

Lt. Col. Craig Bryant, P.E., USA

Class of 2019-2020

SAME Elected Director 2021-2024

Capt. Arpan Patel, P.E., PMP, USAF

Class of 2020-2021

SAME Elected Director 2022-2025

Summer Gladden, LEED AP

Class of 2020-2021

SAME Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President

Colleen Rust, PMP

Class of 2020-2021

Albuquerque Post President

Zakary Payne, P.E.

Class of 2019-2020

San Antonio Post President

Ben Nichols, P.E.

Class of 2019-2020

President, Harkins Builders


Funding for the We Must Go Them program awarded through the United Engineering Foundation


Pilot sites hosting STEM outreach events for American Indian/Alaska Native communities


Navajo students in grades 6-12 who attended the STEM outreach event in Albuquerque, N.M.


Students in Oklahoma who will benefit from STEM pathway kits translated into the Cherokee language

Program Impact:

We Must Go To Them

STEM Engagement to American Indian/ Alaska Native Communities

Originally started as a UPIC led by Maj. TJ Fakler, P.E., ARNG, Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Remley, P.E., USPHS, and Colleen Rust, PMP (2020-2021 LDP graduates), the We Must Go to Them initiative grew into one of 2022’s most outstanding success stories.

Research conducted by the LDP participants indicated that outreach needed to be brought to the local tribal community, hence the title We Must Go To Them. SAME also recognized that it was important to go to each community with an open mind and a listening attitude rather than coming in with a pre-made solution.

SAME sought, and was successfully awarded, $61,000 in funding for 2022 through the United Engineering Foundation (UEF). With an additional $4,000 provided by the SAME Foundation, the effort was able to support pilot STEM outreach activities in four sites across the United States serving local American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. The outreach was led by local volunteer SAME Posts and members working in conjunction with their respective neighboring tribes and community partners.

SAME members met with local AI/AN leaders to determine their STEM needs. From that initial dialogue, the Post and community identified and conducted at least one outreach event customized for their local culture and its specific priorities. The lessons learned from pilot outreach activities were aggregated into a Toolkit for STEM Engagement that SAME is promoting to other SAME Posts and members of the engineering outreach community at large.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Post

Colleen Rust, a member of the LDP team that originated this effort, helped lead the outreach in the Albuquerque, N.M. area. SAME partnered with the Pueblo of Santa Ana, New Mexico MESA, and the American Indian Services Pre-Freshman Engineering Program (AIS PREP). The Pueblo of Santa Ana wanted people to conduct hands-on activities with students as well as funding for kits that will be used for years to come.

New Mexico MESA used funds to overcome financial barriers associated with travel and brought 115 Navajo students in grades 6-12 from across New Mexico to a day focused on agricultural STEM careers. AIS PREP wanted equipment such as 3-D printers, robot kits, and Chromebooks.

Anchorage, Alaska Post

Lori Kropidlowski (LDP class of 2021-2022) led the team to conduct outreach in Anchorage, Alaska. With the assistance of the Ahtna Native Corporation, the team developed and ran a three-day STEM, Construction, and Survey Career Exploration Camp for high school students in Anchorage. Students and chaperones were provided stipends to aid in overcoming financial barriers for participation.

In conjunction with the STEM camp, the team developed a student workbook outlining STEM, survey, and construction career options, and a PowerPoint used during the program.

Panama City, Florida Post

Shawna Newman and Samantha Murphy led the effort in Florida. The team partnered with the Florida Indian Youth Program Camp, which reaches Native American, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian students ages 14-19 in the Florida/Georgia area. They recognized funding gaps in areas such as field trips. Grant funds provided STEM materials for learning activities, instructor support, and field trips to the Tallahassee Regional Crime Laboratory and Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Aquarium. Samantha Murphy was a guest speaker at the program, providing information about career opportunities in the environmental field.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Post

The Tulsa, Okla., site was selected after Master Sgt. Brad Wilson, USAF, SAME Enlisted COI Chair, oversaw two IRT missions in the area and sought a way to conduct STEM outreach during the missions.

The team investigated a couple options before deciding on purchasing STEM Pathway (robot) kits from Kids Spark for the Durbin Feeling Language Center in Tahlequah Okla., the capital of the Cherokee Nation. This school serves over 180 students with lessons taught in the Cherokee language. The school, with the permission of Kids Spark, will translate the activities into the Cherokee language.


Mentors brought to STEM/Engineering & Construction Camps in 2022


Travel stipends provided to bring mentors to camps in 2022


High-school students who attended camps in 2022


National STEM/Engineering & Construction Camps held each year, in conjunction with four military branches

Program Impact:

Engineering & Construction Camp Mentors

Bringing Passionate Mentors to STEM Camps

Having an opportunity to volunteer and participate at STEM Camps was one of the first things that excited me about SAME….The mentors and staff are an instrumental part of that collaboration, and they are critical in motivating and inspiring our innovative minds at these Camps. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had as a mentor and look forward to continuing to help in the years to come!”

Capt. Arpan Patel, P.E., PMP, USA 

Mentoring is a fundamental component of the SAME Foundation’s objective to build leaders and ensure a pipeline of STEM professionals for the nation’s needs. No place does this commitment to mentoring make more of a direct impact on tomorrow’s engineering leaders than at SAME’s STEM/Engineering & Construction Camps.

For more than 20 years, these camps have served an important role in helping inspire thousands of future engineers and STEM professionals. While each camp has a different onsite experience in terms of the activities and programs campers participate in, the camps all allow students to build and hone their skills while working in a collaborative and fun environment.

In 2022, the Foundation expanded its support of these camps through the Camp Mentoring Program. Mentors have provided an outsized impact on campers, as they work closely with campers throughout the week and often stay in touch after the camp to continue providing career advice and guidance. However, historically, mentors have faced challenges in volunteering due to the weeklong commitment needed and the difficulty in securing time away from work, travel, and other responsibilities.

This program provides financial support for professional mentors to participate and inspire hundreds of future engineers and STEM professionals. Through the funding provided by the Foundation in 2022 for this program, over 20 mentors from professional engineering firms were able to attend SAME’s Engineering & Construction Camps, where they inspired the 217 high school campers in attendance to pursue STEM and engineering careers in the future.

“Never before in history has our A/E/C community faced as much change as we do today. The SAME Foundation is working to ensure that our nation has a continuous pipeline of qualified and committed engineering and STEM leaders to address our complex national security and infrastructure-related challenges. None of us can address the challenges facing the engineering community alone. But if we each do our part and pool our resources together, we can help develop the future leadership our nation needs within the A/E/C profession.”

Col. John Mogge, Ph.D., RA, F.SAME (Dist.), USAF (Ret.), President, SAME Foundation (2017-2019)

2022 Foundation Donors

Thank you to each of our donors who gave so generously in 2022. Your commitment and continued support to the SAME Foundation made possible the important programs that will foster engineering leadership for the nation. Through your generous giving, you are helping make America’s future brighter!

Diamond Level $10,000 +

Ansys Inc.

Burgos Group LLC

CMS Corporation

Manish Mardia, P.E.

Emerald Level $5,000 – $9,999

Steven Blinderman, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME

Maj. Gen. Tim Byers, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Michael Doiel

Gannett Fleming Inc.

Col. John Henderson, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Maj. Gen. Eugene Lupia, AIA, BCEE, P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Darren Morton, P.E., PMP

Rear Adm. David Nash, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Col. Sal Nodjomian P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Jane Penny P.E., F.SAME

Harold Rosen, F.SAME

Arnold Ross

Rear Adm. Ronald Silva P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)

Kenneth Stegall, P.E., F.SAME

Junjian “J.J.” Tang, AIA, LEED AP, F.SAME

Valiant Construction


Platinum Level $2,500 – $4,999

Julie Fisher, F.SAME

Gold Level $1,000 – $2,499

Capt. Michael Blount, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

John Burke

Col. Patrick Coullahan, P.E., CEP, CFM, PMP, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Richard Delaney, AIA, LEED AP, F.SAME

Col. Donald Hall, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Rear Adm. Mark Handley, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Col. Monte Harner, P.E., USAF (Ret.)

Jason Hedien, P.E.

Dennis Henning, BCEE, P.E., F.ASCE

Hui Huliau

Michael Kishiyama, F.SAME

Rear Adm. Charles Kubic, Ph.D., P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Greg Kuhn, P.E., F.SAME

Brian Lally

Anthony Leketa, P.E., F.SAME, SES (Ret.)

Arthur Mabbett, P.E., CHCM, CSP, QEP

Brig. Gen. Patrice Melancon, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME, USAFR (Ret.)

Cindy Miller, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME

Col. Charles Myers, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Caroline Roberts GISP

Jon Schmidt, P.E.

Graham Sharpe P.E.

Col. Raymond Willcocks P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Senior Master Sgt. James Wirshing, USAF (Ret.)

Heather Wishart-Smith, P.E., LEED AP, PMP, F.SAME, F.ASCE

Silver Level $500 – $999

Advanced Environmental Management Group

Col. Matthew Altman, P.E., F.SAME, USAF

Philios Angelides, P.E., F.SAME

Atlanta Post

Michael Berendt

Lt. Col. Christopher Boruch, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Col. Robin Cababa, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Davenport & Company

Maj. Steven Dikcis, USAF (Ret.)

Jose Docdocil

Farnsworth Group Inc.

Capt. John Faunce, P.E., USN (Ret.)

Col. Richard Fernandez, P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Lt. Col. Daniel Guinan, USAF (Ret.)

Rear Adm. Michael Johnson, P.E., F.SAME, F.ASCE, USN (Ret.)

Gizana Kassay, AIA

Lt. Col. Scott Kearby, ANG (Ret.)

Lt. Col. John Knight, USA

Lake Michigan Post

Jeanne LeBron, F.SAME

Robert Lindner, F.SAME

Col. John Lohr, AIA, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Vice Adm. Michael Loose, P.E., F.SAME, F.ASCE, USN (Ret.)

Lt. Col. Harold Morgan, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Col. William Myers, F.SAME, USAFR (Ret.)

Dave Newkirk, F.SAME

Col. Timothy O’Rourke, USA (Ret.)

Russell Patterson, GISP, LEED AP, F.SAME

Col. Charles Perham, F.SAME,USAF (Ret.)

Col. Donald Ramsay, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Amar Raval

Capt. Robert Schlesinger, P.E., LEED AP, ENVSP, F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Randell Sedlacek, P.E.

Aaron Siders

Carrie Ann Williams, CPSM, F.SAME

Lt. Col. James Works, P.E., PMP, ANG (Ret.)

Bronze Level $100 – $499

Allied Electric LLC

Lt. Col. Robert Adamski, BCEE, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Maj. Claudia Akroyd, CHST, USA (Ret.)

Arl Altman, P.E.

Dr. Frank Anbari, P.E., PMP

Raghvinder Arora, CHMM, P.E.

Thomas Asbery

Carnegie Askins

Lt. Col. Joe Ballard, USAF (Ret.)

Danielle Barner, PMP

Col. Barton Barnhart, CFM, P.E., PMPUSAF

Michael Beezley, P.E., LEED AP

Capt. Stephen Bell, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Dwight Beranek, P.E., F.SAME

Capt. Robert Bevins, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)

Roger Blevins, AICP

Capt. Michael Blount, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Lt. Col. Scott Breece, P.E., USAF (Ret.)

Col. David Brewer, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Mary Bridgewater, P.E.

Susan Brown

William Brown, P.E., F.SAME

Col. Lloyd Brown, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Lloyd Caldwell, P.E.

Norm Campbell, CEM , F.SAME

Lt. Col. Robert Candido, APWA, USA (Ret.)

Tiffany Castricone AIA, LEED AP

Capt. Edward Cayous, P.E., USPHS (Ret.)

Gary Chesley, P.E., F.SAME

Edward Chisholm, P.E.

Patricia Cleary

Col. Michael Colacicco, USA (Ret.)

Col. Terence Connell, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Lisa Cooley

Rene Cortez, P.E., PG

Col. David Cotts, CFM, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Col. Patrick Coullahan, CEP, CFM, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Tim Crosby

Brig. Gen. James D’Agostino, USAF (Ret.)

Jeff Davis, F.SAME

Capt. James Donahue, P.E., F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)

John Douglass, AICP, LEED AP

Pankaj Duggal, AIA, AICP

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Charles Duncan, USA (Ret.)

Col. John Dvoracek, USA (Ret.)

Col. Jeffrey Eckstein, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Engage Federal

Thomas Evans

Michelle Exaros

Kathleen Ferraro

Lt. Col. Brian Files, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USAFR (Ret.)

Jennifer Fogg-Lickteig , F.SAME

Theodore Foster, CxA, P.E.

David Foster, P.E.

Col. Richard Fryer, CEM, CFM, LEED AP, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Darshan Gandhi

Rear Adm. Randall J.F. Gardner, P.E., F.SAME, USPHS (Ret.)

GENTERRA Consultants Inc.

Brig. Gen. E Giering, P.E., PLS USA (Ret.)

Maj. Gen. Clair Gill, P.E., F.SAME,USA (Ret.)

Jatinder Goel

Vivian Goo, F.SAME

Col. Robert Grainger, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USAF

Lt. Col. Douglas Gransberg, DBIA, F.ASCE, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Maj. Gen. Timothy Green, P.E., USAF (Ret.)

Maj. Gen. Robert Griffin, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Capt. William Grip, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Elaine Guarriello, DBIA

Michael Guerin

Jackie Hacker, F.SAME

Kevin Harder, P.E.

Beth Harris, CPSM, FSMPS , F.SAME

Charles Harris, P.E.

Col. Dean Hartman, USAF

Scott Hartung, LEED AP, F.SAME

Lt. Gen. Henry Hatch, P.E., F.ASCE, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Col. Donald Hazen, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Paul Henderson

Brig. Gen. Michael Herman, P.E., F.SAME, ARNG (Ret.)

Wallace Hirouji, P.E.

Vincent Hock

Col. C. Patrick Hogeboom IV, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Kent Hornsby, CEM, P.E., LEED AP

Stuart Houck, P.E.

Lt. Col. Andrew Hough, P.E., PMP, USA (Ret.)

Col. Richard Houghton, CFM , F.SAM, EUSAF (Ret.)

Michael Howe, P.E., F.SAME

Tai T. Hubbard

Maj. Gen. Donald Jackson, USA (Ret.)

Stanley Jordan

T. Duff Joseph, P.E.

Col. Thomas Julich, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Brig. Gen. Paul Kavanaugh, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Brig. Gen. Edward Klein, USA (Ret.)

Col. Richard Kochanek, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Capt. William Kozak P.E., F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)

Vicki Kramer

Sharon Krock, SWPS , F.SAME

Joseph Kulikowski, P.E., F.ASCE

Timothy Kyper, P.E., F.SAME

I. Braxton Kyzer, P.E.

John Lane, CCI, PMP

Anita Larson, F.SAME

Brian Lenzi, P.E.

Lawrence Levy, P.E.

Dezso Linbrunner

Cynthia Lincicome, F.SAME

Justin Lindteigen

Pamela Little, P.E., PMP

Mark Loes, F.SAME

William Logan, F.SAME

John Lorne

Allan Lucht, P.E., F.SAME

Capt. Diann Lynn, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Col. Joe Manous, P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Angie Martinez, P.E., F.SAME

Toney Mathews P.E., PMP

Ben Matthews, P.E., F.SAME

Maj. Edward Mears, PG, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Col. Fabian Mendoza, USA (Ret.)

Jeffrey Merz, P.E., LEED AP

Col. John Millar, USAR (Ret.)

Brig. Gen. Patrick Miller, P.E., F.SAME, USAF

Frank Miyagawa, CEM, P.E., PMP

Gary Mizell

Col. P. Scott Morris, P.E.USA (Ret.)

Col. Peter Mueller, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Lt. Col. John Mullans, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Lt. Col. Stanley Murphy, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Aaron Murray

Glen Nelson, P.E.

Scott Nesbit, P.E.

Mark Ohlstrom, P.E., F.SAME

Col. John O’Neill, USA (Ret.)

Tadahiko Ono

Capt. Steven Osgood P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)

Russell Patterson, GISP, LEED AP, F.SAME

Col. Donald Pawlowski, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Ronald Perry

Bruce Preston, DBIA, LEED AP, NCARB, PMP, RA

Ronald Pyles, P.E.

Juan Ramos, P.E., PMP

Capt. James Rauch, P.E., F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)

Prashanthi Reddy

Col. William Riehl, P.E., USAFR (Ret.)

 Mike Rigsby

Sally Riker, F.SAME

Col. John Rivenburgh, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Rear Adm. Sven Rodenbeck, Ph.D., BCEE, P.E., F.SAME, USPHS (Ret.)

Lois Rodriguez

James Rohrer

Tony Roos, APWA, P.E.

Richard Rubin, AICP, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME

Paul Sabharwal

Lt. Col. Jethro Sadorra, USAF

Col. Juan Saldivar, PMP, USA

Candice Scale

Col. Lawrence Schorr, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Lake Sedberry

James Sharpe, P.E.

Rear Adm. Michael Shelton, P.E., F.SAME, F.ASCE, USN (Ret.)

Lt. Col. Stephen Shepard, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Louise Slate, P.E., LEED AP

Col. Grant Smith, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Col. David Spaulding, USA (Ret.)

Capt. Thomas Stallman, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Kenneth Steele, D.WRE, P.E.

Richard Stump, F.SAME

John Swartwout, P.E.

Cdr. Colleen Symansky, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USCG

Casmere Taylor

Susan Thames, F.SAME

Allen Thibeaux

Matt Thomas

Nicholas Tomkins

Misaki Uehara

Jane Van Epps

Col. Jorge Villacres, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Kirste Webb, APMP

Benjamin Wham, P.E.

Rick Wice PG , F.SAME

Denzil Brent Wilson, P.E.

Lt. Col. Neal Wright, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, F.ASCE, F.NSPE, USA (Ret.)

L. Kai Yeh

Capt. Christos Zirps, USN (Ret.)

Col. James Zody, P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Supporter Level Up To $100

Taggart Brown & Associates Inc.

Leonardo Acevedo

Col. Frank Akiyama, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Col. Matthew Altman, P.E., F.SAME, USAF

Arl Altman, P.E.

Cdr. Omobogie Amadasu, P.E., USPHS

Neville Anderson, CHMM

Michael Applegate, CHMM, REM

Raghvinder Arora, CHMM, P.E.

Capt. Robert Bevins, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)

Cynthia Boyatt

Scott Boyd

Traci-Anne Boyle, CIH, CSP

Don Boyle

Col. David Brewer, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Theresa Brophy

Robert Burton, DBIA, P.E.

Ines Calderon

Jim Carter, F.SAME

Kevin Chafin, AIA, LEED AP, F.SAME

Dierdre Crowl

Todd Daily, P.E.

Richard Davis, P.E., LEED AP

Cdr. Roland DeGuzman, CEM, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)

Ricardo Del Rosario

Linda Delaney

Robert Duke

Marcel Duplantier, P.E., USN (Ret.)

Jeffrey Duplantis, P.E., PMP, F.SAME

Alex Evans

Ann Ewy, PMP, F.SAME

Col. Michael Foley, USA (Ret.)

Jorge Freeman

Edmond Gauvreau, FAIA

Miguel Gonzalez

Michael Graham

Lt. Cdr. Robert Granata

Lt. Col. Bruce Haigh, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Julie Hamilton

Col. Edward Charlie Hart, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)

Col. Dean Hartman, USAF

Massie Hatch, P.E.

William Hedstrom, F.SAME

Stephanie Heibel

Col. Charles Hines, P.E., USA (Ret.)

Steven Holt, CEM, P.E., F.SAME

Cdr. Eugene Hubbard, CFM, IFMA, P.E., USN (Ret.)

Michael Huffstetler, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA, F.SAME

Josh Jensen

C. Marvin Jensen, P.E., F.SAME

Jesus Jimenez, P.E.

Patricia Kennedy

Charysse Knotts, P.E., LEED AP, PMP, F.SAME

Jessica Kovar

Ganesh Kurse

Chris Langan, P.E., F.SAME

Wade Lawrence, PMP

Barry Legg

Jacqueline Lochmiller

Michele Lyerla, CHMM

Andrew Lynch

Allan MacDougall

Kurt Maldovan

Juli Maniscalco

Chris Manz

Thomas May, P.E.


Mary McDeavitt

Daniel McKenzie

Kenneth Melchiorre, P.E., PMP

Elizabeth Meyer, P.E., F.SAME

Jodi Miller, APMP

Ree Miskimon, P.E.

Lt. Col. Francis Mondo, P.E., LEED AP, F.SAME, USAFR (Ret.)

Zach Moore

Chief Master Sgt. Patrick Oconnor, ANG

Kathelina Off

Nick Overby, P.E.

Greg Peterson

Anne Poad

Jason Rechterman

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Uriel Reyes-Castanon, PMP, USA

Natasha Rocheleau

Albert Romano, F.SAME

S. James Ryckman, P.E., QEP

Christen Sardano

Lt. Col. Timothy Scheffler, P.E., CEM, USAF

Patrick Scher

Jennifer Secor

Cdr. Helena Shannon, USPHS

Maj. Nathaniel Sheehan, P.E., PMP, REHS USA

Thomas Shelton AIA

Steven Shirley

Tim Terich, ASCE, P.E., SE

Allen Thibeaux

Lisa Thoele Dugan, CPSM, LEED AP, F.SAME

Todd Tibbetts

Ed Toms

Evelyn Toro-Litts

Christine Tsai, PMP, F.SAME

Nadja Turek, P.E., LEED AP, ENVSP, F.SAME

Albert Urban

Kathy Vandenheuvel


Corey Weaver, P.E., F.SAME

Benjamin Wham, P.E., USAF (Ret.)

Col. Randy Whitecotton, REP, USAF

Matt Wigle, ENVSP

Col. Eric Wilbur, P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)

Stanley Williams

Lee Ann Zelesnikar

About the SAME Foundation

In 2016, with a vision to strengthen and expand the philanthropic efforts of SAME and the lasting contributions of its members, partners, and stakeholders in every phase of progress in the engineering, architecture, and construction fields over the last century, the SAME Foundation was established to “foster engineering leadership for the nation.”

The SAME Foundation supports programs that help introduce youth to STEM, support them on their journey to STEM careers, and develop emerging leaders within the A/E/C profession. Signature efforts include the SAME Leader Development Program, Camps Mentoring Program, and STEM Pathways Program. The SAME Foundation also provides a secure and beneficial repository for charitable and other bequeaths from members of the Society and the public.

At the end of 2022, the SAME Foundation held $3.151 million, which includes $1.162 million nationally available and $1.988 million on behalf of Posts (these are managed separately as restricted accounts but contribute to the overall portfolio and help lower administrative fees).

During the year, the SAME Foundation received $169,590 in individual contributions and $43,990 in corporate donations, as well as earned $38,510 in dividends/interest. Offset by an unrealized loss from investments of $224,830, total revenue was $27,260.

Expenses for 2022 equaled $168,990. This includes $100,000 for the Leader Development Program and $60,000 to support Camps Mentoring. Additionally, the SAME Foundation funded $4,000 in matching funds to support We Must Go To Them, which was selected for a grant from the United Engineering Foundation. Additional expenditures supported marketing efforts and annual regulatory charges.

The SAME Foundation is registered as a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Contributions to the SAME Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by lawEIN: 81-1960637.

The SAME Foundation has received a Platinum Seal of Transparency by Candid (GuideStar) and a four-star rating with Charity Navigator.

Charity Navigator seal

SAME Foundation Board of Directors

We are fortunate to have an extraordinary group of individuals to lead the SAME Foundation, including several past SAME National Presidents. The SAME Foundation is chaired by Rear Adm. Dave Nash, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.), USN (Ret.).

Rear Adm. Dave Nash, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.), USN (Ret.)* – Board ChairCol. Sal Nodjomian, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.), USAF (Ret.)*
Capt. Mike Blount, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)*Jane Penny, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.)*
Maj. Gen. Timothy Byers, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.)*Sally Riker, F.SAME
Mercedes Enrique, MBA, F.SAMECapt. Bob Schlesinger, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.)
Rear Adm. Randall Gardner, P.E., F.SAME, USPHS (Ret.)Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.)
The Honorable John Henderson, P.E., F.SAMERear Adm. Ron Silva, P.E., F.SAME, USCG (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Ed Jackson, P.E., USA (Ret.)Susan Thames, F.SAME
*past SAME National President

Support the SAME Foundation

Support the SAME Foundation’s 2023 Fundraising Campaign this fall and help foster engineering leadership for the nation. Through your generous contributions, we can continue to invest in programs that change lives. America’s future is bright. Let’s help make it brighter!