Goddard Medal

Goddard Medal

The Goddard Medal is named in honor of Maj. Gen. Guy H. Goddard, USAF. Presented for outstanding contributions to military engineering, including military troop construction, base maintenance, and contingency engineering. The medal was first awarded in 1973.


Nominations from all three groups below will be accepted, however there will ONLY be ONE overall award recipient.

  • an enlisted member of the United States Air Force active component;
  • an enlisted member of the Air Force Reserve;
  • an enlisted member of the Air National Guard.
Nomination Criteria

Outstanding contributions to military engineering, including military troop construction, base maintenance, and contingency engineering. View the detailed criteria and nomination procedures.  *You must have a CAC card to view this site.

Please contact your chain of command for information about the Uniformed Service Awards nomination process.  SAME provides a formal ceremony for recipients.

Past SAME Goddard Medal Recipients
  • 2022
    Active Duty: MSgt Andrew L. Thurman, 22nd Civil Engineer Squadron, McConnell AFB, KS (AMC)
  • 2021
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Andrew Thurman, USAF, 22nd Civil Engineer Squadron
  • 2019
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. George Burns, USAF, 633rd Civil Engineer Squadron, Joint Base Langley-Eustis
  • 2018
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. Daniel Alvarado, USAF, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron, Aviano AB
  • 2017
    Active Duty:Senior Master Sgt. Kenley Flemming, USAF, Air Force Civil Engineer Center, Tyndall AFB
  • 2016
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. Matthew Balliet, USAF
  • 2015
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. Vincent Schuyler, USAF
  • 2014
    Active Duty:Senior Master Sgt. Roddy L. Martin, USAF
  • 2013
    Active Duty:Master Sgt. Tommy Childers, Jr., USAF
  • 2012
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. Gary R. Szekely, USAF
    Reserves: Senior Master Sgt. Gary W. Smith, USAF
  • 2011
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. Joel A. Jones, USAF, 86th Civil engineer Squadron/CEM, Ramstein AB, Germany, U.S. Air Forces-Europe
    Reserves: Chief Master Sgt. Michael L. Bowden Jr., USAFR, 434th Civil Engineer Squadron/CEOH Grissom ARB, Ind., Air Force Reserve Command
  • 2010
    Active Duty: SMSgt Gary L. Souder, USAF, 374th Civil Engineer Squadron Yokota Air Base, Japan
    Reserves: MSgt Adam M. Cronk, USAF, 624th Civil Engineering Squadron Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
  • 2009
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Ignatius M. Sanchez
    Anderson Air Force Base, Guam
    Reserve: Senior Master Sgt.Christopher V. Thai
    Langley Air Force Base, Va.
  • 2008
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Jeffrey J. Dunn, USAF
    407th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron
    Reserve: Senior Master Sgt. Mark S. Stoler, USAF
  • 2007*
    Active Duty: M.E. Yancey
    Reserve: J.F. Gabriel
    National Guard: A.R. Quintana
  • 2006
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. Stephen W. Batherson,
    99 CES/CEOP, Nellis AFB, Nev. (ACC)
    Reserve:     Master Sgt. Grady C. Raynor Jr.,
    916 CES/CEMB
  • 2005
    Active Duty:     Master Sgt. Mark D. Barlett,
    25 CES/CEOP
    Reserve:     Command Master Sgt. Bobby G. Moore,
    HQAF Reserve Command
    National Guard:     
    Senior Master Sgt. Mark E. Robertson,
    179 CES
  • 2004
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Jerry D. Burns, 27 CES/CEOP
    Reserve: Master Sgt. Judy L. Whibee, HQAF Reserve Command/CEXO
    National Guard: No 2004 Awardee
  • 2003
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Stanley R. Gilmore
    Reserve: Senior Master Sgt. Lawrence C. Jones
    National Guard: Senior Master Sgt. Ronald W. Woodard
  • 2002
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Allen E. Jedlicki
    Reserve: Senior Master Sgt. Larry P. Lomax
    National Guard: Chief Master Sgt. Kenneth C. Wolf
  • 2001
    Active Duty: Senior Master Sgt. Roger L. Austin, 31st CES
    Reserve: Master Sgt. David S. Nickel, 916th CES
  • 2000
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Anthony J. Michels, 56th CES Operations Flight
    Reserve: Master Sgt. Jeffrey T. Jarvis, 202nd Red Horse Squadron
    National Guard: Master Sgt. Douglas J. Gilbert, 916th CES Operations Flight
  • 1999
    Active Duty: Staff Sgt. George A. Waring, III
    Reserve: Tech. Sgt. Naomi L. Gabriel
    National Guard: Master Sgt. John M. Findorak
  • 1998
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. James D. Stillwell
    Reserve: Staff Sgt. Laurie C. Stensland
    National Guard: Tech. Sgt. William J. Pullar
  • 1997
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Jon. D. Saiers
    Reserve: Senior Master Sgt. Johnnie D. Bolen
    National Guard: Master Sgt. Dwight D. Barber
  • 1996
    Active Duty: Master Sgt. Robert M. Dorriety
    Reserve: Senior Master Sgt. Joseph E. Andrews
    National Guard: Tech Sgt. Scott D. Terry
  • 1995 Senior Master Sgt. Martin B. Tabor
  • 1994 Senior Master Sgt. David A. Ambelang
  • 1993 Senior Master Sgt. Keith D. Ogles
  • 1992 Master Sgt. John L. Harris
  • 1991 Senior Master Sgt. Joseph H. Lounder
  • 1990 Senior Master Sgt. Toby Moore, Jr.
  • 1989 Senior Master Sgt. Ronald J. Libey
  • 1988 Senior Master Sgt. Wayne M. Benson
  • 1987 Senior Master Sgt. Willie J. Carter
  • 1986 Senior Master Sgt. Richard P. Driscoll
  • 1985 Senior Master Sgt. James R. Keefe
  • 1984 Senior Master Sgt. James T. Merek
  • 1983 Senior Master Sgt. Bob G. Buckles
  • 1982 Chief Master Sgt. Woodrow F. Giddens
  • 1981 Senior Master Sgt. Dennis James McAvoy
  • 1980 Senior Master Sgt. Arthur J. Hanrahan
  • 1979 Master Sgt. Aaron T. Durr
  • 1978 Master Sgt. Joseph A. Workman
  • 1977 Master Sgt. Winston T.Parrish
  • 1976 Senior Master Sgt. Larry J. Frick
  • 1975 Senior Master Sgt. John R. Reed
  • 1974 Tech. Sgt. David L. Crump
  • 1973 Senior Master Sgt. Kenneth L.Frazier, Jr.

*Further information on these candidates is unavailable. If you have information regarding these awardees, please contact SAME HQ.