Hollis Medal

Hollis Medal

The Hollis Medal is named for Rear Adm. Mark D. Hollis, USPHS. The award is presented for outstanding contributions to military engineering by a U.S. Public Health Service officer. This medal was first awarded 2000.


A U.S. Public Health Service officer level O4 or above whether active, inactive or retired. Also a USPHS civilian employee, active or retired, of equivalent grade.

Nomination Criteria

Most outstanding contribution to military engineering through achievement in design, construction, administration, research, or development.

Please contact your chain of command for information about the Uniformed Service Awards nomination process.  SAME provides a formal ceremony for recipients.

Past Hollis Medal Recipients
  • 2023 Lt. Cdr. Craig Grunenfelder, USPHS, Indian Health Service
  • 2022 Cdr. Frank Chua, P.E., USPHS, Indian Health Service
  • 2021 Capt. Michael Young, P.E., USPHS, Indian Health Service
  • 2020 CDR Steven K. Sauer, P.E., USPHS, Indian Health Service
  • 2019 Cdr. Brad Cunningham, RAC, USPHS, Food & Drug Administration
  • 2018 Cdr. Varsha Savalia, USPHS, Food & Drug Administration
  • 2017 Cdr. Matthew Mergenthaler, P.E., USPHS, Indian Health Service
  • 2016 Lt. Cdr. Ryan Clapp, P.E., USPHS
  • 2015 Lt. Cdr. Roger Hargrove, P.E., USPHS
  • 2014 Cdr. Brian Breuer, P.E., USPHS
  • 2013 Lt. Cdr. Weson Kenney, USPHS
  • 2012 Lt. Cdr. Michael Termont, P.E., USPHS
  • 2011 Lt. Cdr. Shad M. Schoppert, P.E., USPHS
  • 2010 Lt. Cdr. Samuel Russell, P.E.
  • 2009 Lt. Cdr. Kris Neset, USPHS
  • 2008 Lt. Cdr. John David Mazorra, P.E., USPHS
  • 2007 Lt. Cdr. Norman T. Hepner, P.E., USPHS
  • 2006 Cdr. David W. Ausdemore, P.E., CIH, USPHS
  • 2005 Cdr. Bradley K. Harris, P.E., USPHS
  • 2004 Cmdr. Anthony T. Zimmer, Ph.D., P.E., C.I.H., USPHS
  • 2003 Capt. Gregory Stevens, USPHS
  • 2002 Lt. Cmdr. Nathan C. Tatum, P.E., USPHS
  • 2001 Cmdr. Michael S. Coene, USPHS
  • 2000 Capt. Rao Y. Surampalli, Ph.D., P.E., DEE, USPHS
  • 2000 Capt. Sven E. Rodenbeck, Sc.D., P.E., DEE, USPHS