Newman Medal

Newman Medal

The Newman Medal is named in honor of Maj. Gen. James B. Newman, Jr., USAF. Presented for outstanding contribution to military engineering by a civilian or military member of the U.S. Air Force. This medal was first awarded in 1955.


Members of the U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer at Headquarters, U.S. Air Force, at Major Air Commands, Bases, or other Civil Engineering units, regular, reserve, U.S. National Guard, or civilian, on active or inactive duty or retired.

Nomination Criteria

Most outstanding contribution to military engineering through achievement in design, construction, administration, research, or development. Click here for detailed criteria and nomination procedures.  *You must have a CAC card to view this site.

Please contact your chain of command for information about the Uniformed Service Awards nomination process.  SAME provides a formal ceremony for recipients.

Past Newman Medal Recipients
  • 2022 Col. Robert Bartlow Jr., USAF, Air Force Civil Engineer Center Natural Disaster Recovery Division
  • 2021 Charles Meshako, Air Force Installation & Mission Support Center Detachment 4
  • 2020 Col. Scott Matthews, USAF
  • 2019 Col. Christopher Stoppel, P.E., USAF, U.S. Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa
  • 2018 Martin Buncher, USAF, Air Force Installation & Mission Support Center – Detachment 9
  • 2017 Col. Eric Turner, USAF, Air Force Installation & Mission Support Center, Joint Base San Antonio
  • 2016 Col. Craig Johnson, USAF
  • 2015 Col. Michael Geer, USAF 
  • 2014 Allan Lucht, P.E.
  • 2013 Col. David F. DeMartino, P.E., USAF
  • 2012 Col. David Reynolds, P.E., USAF
  • 2011 Col. Nicholas L. Desport, RA, LEED Green Associate, USAF
  • 2010 Col. Judith D. Bittick, USAF
  • 2009 Col. Brian D. Yolitz, P.E., USAF
  • 2008 Col. Terry Watkins, USAF
  • 2007 Col. John L. Eunice III, USAF
  • 2006 Col. James S. Brackett, P.E., USAF
  • 2005 Col. Gus G. Elliott, Jr., P.E., USAF
  • 2004 Maj. Gen. Timothy A. Byers, USAF
  • 2003 Col. Brian L. Miller, Ph.D., USAF
  • 2002 Col. James T. Ryburn, USAF
  • 2001 Lt. Col. Thomas D. Quasney, USAF
  • 2000 Col. David W. DeFoliart, USAF
  • 1999 Col. Emmitt G. Smith, USAF
  • 1998 Col. (Brig. Gen. Select) David M. Cannan, USAF
  • 1997 Col. J. Carlton Tickel, USAF
  • 1996 Col. Donald E. Murphy, USAF
  • 1995 Col. H. Dean Bartel, USAF
  • 1994 Col. Earnest O. Robbins II, USAF
  • 1993 Col. Todd I. Stewart, USAF
  • 1992 Col. Harry R. McDaniel, USAF
  • 1991 Col. Alfred E. Beauchemin, USAF
  • 1990 Col. K.H. Rothenberg, USAF
  • 1989 Col. Eugene A. Lupia, USAF
  • 1988 Lt. Col. Gregory S. Griffin, USAF
  • 1987 Col. Michael A. McAuliffe, USAF
  • 1986 Col. John S. Donovan, USAF