Sturgis Medal

Sturgis Medal

The Sturgis Medal is named in honor of Lt. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis, Jr., USA. It is presented for outstanding contributions to military troop construction and/or base maintenance by demonstrated technical and leadership ability. The medal was first awarded in 1974.


One to an enlisted member of the Army active component, the Army Reserve, and the Army National Guard in these career fields: combat engineering, construction and utilities, power production, heavy equipment and maintenance, drafting, surveying, printing, special electrical devices instrument repairman, and reproduction repairman.

Nomination Criteria

Accomplishments and contributions to military troop construction and/or base maintenance by demonstrated technical and leadership ability.

Please reference FLW Pam 672-1 for information regarding the nomination process. 

Past Sturgis Medal Recipients
  • 2021
    National Guard: Staff Sgt. Tracy Trabue, ARNG, 1138th Engineer Company, 1140th Engineer Battalion, Lexington, Mo.
    Active: Staff Sgt. Christopher Miller, USA, Alpha Company, 169th Engineer Battalion, Engineer Divers, Panama City, Fla.
  • 2018
    National Guard: Staff Sgt. Garrett Temple, ARNG, 1138th Engineer Company (Sapper), Missouri Army National Guard
    Active: Sfc. (P) Shane Payne, USA, 523rd Engineer Support Company, 84th Engineer Battalion, Schofield Barracks
    Army Reserves: Sfc. Jeremy Eanes, USAR, Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 244th Engineer Battalion, Denver, Colo.
  • 2017
    National Guard: Staff Sgt. Frederick Sack, ARNG, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 112th Engineer Battalion, Ohio Army National Guard.
    Active: Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Ramos Santana, USA, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Army Geospatial Intelligence Battalion.
  • 2016
    National Guard: Sgt. 1st Class Michael Hebert, ARNG, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 769th Brigade Engineer Battalion.
    Active: Staff Sgt. Eric Bailey,USA Alpha Company, 169th Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer Brigade.
    Army Reserves: Staff Sgt. Will Davis,USAR, 461st Engineer Company, 367th Engineer Battalion, 372nd Engineer Brigade.
  • 2015
    National Guard: Staff Sgt. Matthew Schmitt, ARNG, 220th Engineer Company, 1140th Engineer Battalion, Missouri Army National Guard
    Active Army: Sgt. 1st Class Corey Wilkens, USA, B Company, 307th Engineer Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
    Army Reserves: Sgt. Steven Bastean, USAR, 336th Engineer Company, 463rd Engineer Battalion, 411th Engineer Brigade
  • 2014
    National Guard: Sgt. 1st Class Randy D. Holt, ARNG, 276th Engineer Company, 203rd Engineer Battalion, 35th Engineer Brigade, Missouri Army National Guard
    Active Army: Staff Sgt. James E. O’Donoghue, USA, Alpha Company, 169th Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer Brigade
  • 2013
    National Guard: Staff Sgt. Lawrence M. Johnson, ARNG
    Army Reserves: Sgt. Benjamin J. Mercer, USAR Active Army: Sgt. 1st Class Timothy M. Barr
  • 2012
    National Guard: Sgt. Jeremy Frank Knudson, USA, 188th Engineer Company (Vertical)
    Army Reserves: Staff Sgt. James P. Bebeau, USA, 806th Engineer Company
    Active Army: Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone Stacy, USA, 3rd Platoon, 584th Mobility Augmentation Company
  • 2011
    National Guard: Sgt. Pierre R. Laroussini, ARNG
    Army Reserves: Staff Sgt. Connie Cavanaugh, USAR
    Active Army: Sgt. 1st Class Robert E. McEntire, USA
  • 2010
    Active Army: Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Thomas, USA
    National Guard: Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Stenger, ANG
    Army Reserves: Staff Sgt. Nathan T. Ryckman, USAR
  • 2009
    Active: Sgt. first Class Ricardo Ranger, USA
    Reserve: Staff Sgt. Jason L. Moldan, USA
    National Guard: Sgt. First Class John E. Roberts, USA
  • 2008
    Active: SFC(P) Marcus A. McClain, USA
    Reserve: SSG Jay L. Kochuga, USA
    National Guard: SSG Mark Welker, USA
  • 2007
    Active: Sgt. 1st Class Travis Crow
    Reserve: Sgt. 1st Class Martin G. Durst
    National Guard: Staff Sgt. Rian R. Hofstad
  • 2006
  • 2005
    Reserve: SFC John L. Krell
  • 2004
    Active: Sgt. Scott Smullen
    Reserve: Staff Sgt. Ryan Patton
  • 2003
    Active: Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Outten
    Reserve: Sgt. 1st Class David J. Varelas
    National Guard: Staff Sgt. David F. Schofield
  • 2002
    Active: Sgt. 1st Class Lawrence W. Spradley
    Reserve: Sgt. 1st Class Bradley J. Schneier
    National Guard: No medal presented
  • 2001
    Active: Sgt. 1st Class Paul L. Davis
    Reserve: Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Peters
    National Guard: Sgt. 1st Class Dale E. Kellhofer
  • 2000
    Active: Staff Sgt. Nathan E. Magee
    Reserve: Sgt. 1st Class Michael Lay
    National Guard: Sgt. Timothy W. Brittain
  • 1999
    Active: Sgt. 1st Class William R. Arthur
    Reserve: Staff Sgt. David M. Chamberlin
    National Guard: Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Vincent Mazouch
  • 1998
    Active: Staff Sgt. Jerry R. Smith
    Reserve: Sgt Ist Class Ronney R. Oliveros
    National Guard: Sgt. Ist Class Kevin J. Keefe
  • 1997
    Active: Staff Sgt. Walter C. Howell
    Reserve: Staff Sgt. Steven W. Rowland
    National Guard: Sgt. Ist Class Harley J. Schwind
  • 1996
    Active: Sgt. Ist Class Todd M. Burnett
    Reserve: Staff Sgt. Marvin D. Curris, II
    National Guard: Sgt. Ist Class Jeffrey A. Berg
  • 1995 Sgt. Ist Class Lamonte T. Redington
  • 1994 Staff Sgt. Jay L. Rutherford
  • 1993 Sgt. Ist Class Troy W. Whitman
  • 1992 Staff Sgt. Brent A. Emerson
  • 1991 Sgt. lst Class Leo Ross
  • 1990 Sgt. Ist Class Curtis E. Lenhart
  • 1989 Sgt. lst Class Wayne Roberts
  • 1988 Staff Sgt. Paul D. Weber
  • 1987 Sgt. Ist Class James R. Herrington
  • 1986 Sgt. lst Class George R. St. Onge
  • 1985 Sgt. Ist Class Dennis J. Ansay
  • 1984 Staff Sgt. James A. Kochara
  • 1983 Sgt. Ist Class Eugene Middleton
  • 1982 Sgt. Ist Class (P) Michael L. McGuiggan
  • 1981 Staff Sgt. Jackie L. Thomas
  • 1980 Staff Sgt. Billy D. Miller
  • 1979 Sgt. Ist Class Harold A. Lockwood
  • 1978 Sgt. Ist Class Lanny R. Hodges
  • 1977 Staff Sgt. Humberto A. McLaren
  • 1976 Staff Sgt. James E. Skellion
  • 1975 Sgt. Douglas R. Carron
  • 1974 Sgt. Ist Class Charles E. Oliver