National Leadership Nominations

Nominations for SAME National Leadership

The SAME National Leadership Team is committed to finding dedicated volunteer leaders who are steeped in a broad range of SAME experiences over time and who have a solid foundation of proven Post level achievement. We need your active involvement to find the “best of the best” to serve as National Officers and Elected Directors for the Society. The deadline to submit a nomination is now Dec. 15, 2022.

SAME has initiated a national leadership nomination process that is inclusive, transparent and equitable. The process establishes separate nominating committees for National Officers and Elected Directors. The respective nominating committees then will determine the candidates who will be voted on by the entire Society membership during online elections, which are held each year from March 1 to April 15. Please ensure that you have read this year’s 2022 President’s Guidance and the Nominating Procedures prior to submitting.

Have you ever considered taking on a national leadership role within SAME? SAME wants to increase the number and diversity of key leader position candidates in order to ensure a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates. Join us as we demystify requirements, expectations, and the selection process for SAME leadership roles.

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Cindy Lincicome, national leader, at JETC

2022 President’s Guidance – National Leadership Nominations

September 12, 2022

Dear Fellow SAME Members,

We need national leaders who will serve our Society by inspiring action today and who will inspire others to become national leaders tomorrow. In accordance with the National Leadership Nominating Procedures, my guidance provides the essential elements that I believe will ensure a successful process this year, from identification and nomination of worthy candidates to their ultimate selection by the Nominating Committees that I will appoint and convene later this year, one for President-Elect and VP, the other for Elected Director.  Some of you may find yourselves serving on these committees. 

Eligibility & Interest
  • Everybody within the Society has an extremely important obligation to help recruit deserving members to compete for President-Elect, Vice President, or Elected Director. Even if you do not meet the qualifications at this point in your SAME or professional career, you should familiarize yourself with this process so that you can recruit, nominate, or suggest candidates. Contact anyone of the National Leadership Team members with your input now.
  • A couple points of emphasis: We are always looking for members interested in expanding their service to the national level and keep in mind that Elected Directors are potential future national presidents and vice presidents.   
  • Read the Nominating Procedures located on the SAME governance webpage of the national website. The qualifications and procedures are clearly defined by these documents. Our process is time-tested and serves the Society well. 
Nomination Process

We will sustain the two-step process that has worked well.

  • Step 1: Prior to Dec. 1, 2022, both nominating committees will work together to define the challenges facing our Society today and define the types of leaders we need to lead the society to meet them successfully. Once completed, the joint committees will brief me for additional input.
  • Step 2: Using the results of the joint discussion and other resources, each committee will conduct separate, thoughtful deliberations to nominate candidates. Results from the committees will then follow our normal election process.
  • Once Nominations are Complete: Here’s where I’m asking for everyone’s help again next spring: let’s get the vote out; members elect our national leaders!! 

You can Count On Us to listen to you in selecting a strong national leadership team for SAME. I am trusting you to take this important task with energy and sincerity for the good of our Society and our nation!

– Cindy Lincicome, F.SAME, 103rd SAME National President

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Evaluation Criteria & Qualifications

National Officers
  • Is an SAME Fellow
  • All serving Fellows will be screened for consideration by the committee
  • Nominations for National Officers may be made by any Board of Direction member, Post President, Post or Regional Fellows Point of Contact, AOF Executive Committee member, SAME Foundation Board of Direction member, any past SAME National President, or as a self-nomination.
  • National Officer candidates must submit a two minute video: “Based on my assessment of our Society’s implementation of the 2025 Strategic Plan 2025 and the challenges facing our Society, I feel I am the right person to lead SAME at this point in time because….” Videos can be sent to Kathy Off at
    • NOTE: National Officers consist of a President-Elect, who serves a one-year term then ascends to National President; and three Vice Presidents who serve two-year terms, although one may be selected for President-Elect after one year and vacate their second year as Vice President).
Elected Directors
  • Contributions to local Post
  • Contributions to the SAME Strategic Plan
  • Nominations for Elected Directors may be made by any Post President, National Board of Direction member, Post or Regional Fellows Point of Contact, AOF Executive Committee Member, SAME Foundation Board of Direction Member, any past SAME National President, or as a self-nomination.
    • NOTE: Each year, four Elected Directors are selected through membership voting, with a minimum of one being a Young Professional. Elected Directors serve three-year terms.

Leadership Roles & Responsibilities