2023 SAME Undergraduate Innovation Design Challenge

Submissions for the 2023 SAME Undergraduate Innovation Design Challenge are due by Feb. 23, 2023. This competition, led by the College Outreach COI, evaluates design projects that are being developed by student members as part of their degree curriculums and highlights the innovative thinking of the next generation of STEM professionals.

The intent is to showcase existing work already underway to advance engineering and related subjects, and present it to SAME industry and government members. It is expected that projects submitted for consideration will be of the caliber used for senior design or capstone project.

Submissions in this competition will be evaluated on how well they convey the purpose of the project and its technical merit. Teams of three to five members will concisely communicate their design process and demonstrate that they have used sound analysis throughout, and do so in a way that is easily understandable to technical and non-technical audiences.

First place teams will receive $600 per member; second place teams will receive $500 per member; and third place teams will receive $400 per member.

Competition Details

Team Requirements

All team members must be undergraduate-level students as well as student members of SAME. Student membership in SAME is free to all students at the undergraduate level. For more information about joining SAME as a student member, visit Student Membership – SAME.

Team can have between three to five members. Expected submission topics will be based on capstone or design projects. All submissions must include the names of each of the team members, email addresses, year, and SAME membership number.

Submission Process

Phase 1 – Abstract Submission – 300 to 500 words

The abstract should summarize the key concepts, purpose, initial conclusions, and an overview of the science or engineering principles and results from your work. The online submission form can be found here. Abstracts will be evaluated and teams advancing to Phase 2 will receive notification.

Phase 2 – Video Presentation Submission

The presentation will consist of a five- to 10-minute video (MP4 format) with audio. It should discuss the progression of the design project from concept and design, to planning and analysis, and finally to the project build (or calculated results if the capstone project does not involve any physical construction). Additional details on areas to expand on are included in the Submission Rubric section. Detailed instructions will be provided to teams advancing to Phase 2.

Submission Rubric

Submissions will be graded on 10 categories, with up to 10 points for each for a total score out of 100 points.

The team described their design project well and concisely10
The team described their engineering analyses in an appropriate level of detail10
The team followed a systematic process for evaluating and selecting their final concept10
The team described their build process and project development well10
The team accurately described/presented their final project well10
The team provided an appropriate level of engineering analysis and technical detail10
The project provides an innovative solution to an engineering problem10
The project describes/resulted in a highly marketable product10
The structure and grammar of the submission was professional10
The team exhibits professionalism in appearance and communication10

February 23: Phase 1 Abstracts due

March 6: Teams advancing to Phase 2 notified

March 23: Phase 2 Video Presentations submitted

April 10: Results announced


1st Place: $600 per team member

2nd Place: $500 per team member

3rd Place: $400 per team member


The review committee will be composed of SAME industry and government members, and members of the College Outreach COI. Winning teams will be publicized in TME magazine and the SAME website.

Any questions about the competition or how to submit can be directed to Jeannine Finton, SAME Senior Manager for Programs, at jfinton@same.org.

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