Fostering Engineering Leadership for the Nation

Founded in 1920, the Society of American Military Engineers, through the lasting contributions of its members, partners, and stakeholders, has played a critical role at every phase of progress in the engineering, architecture, and construction fields over the last century. In 2016, with a vision to strengthen and expand our philanthropic efforts, the SAME Foundation was established to foster engineering leadership for the nation.

The first meeting of the SAME Foundation Board of Directors was held January 26, 2017. Establishing the Foundation was a major step toward achieving the goals and objectives of the 2020 SAME Strategic Plan. As we embark on the 2025 strategic plan, the SAME Foundation now has an enormous opportunity to support the development of the next generation of military, government civilian, and A/E/C industry leaders. 

The SAME Foundation supports programs that introduce youth to STEM, develop emerging leaders with our membership, and increase the number of veterans transitioning into the engineering and construction workforce. The Foundation also provides a secure and beneficial repository for charitable and other bequeaths from members of the Society and the public at large. 

We are so fortunate to have an extraordinary group of individuals who have stepped up to lead the SAME Foundation. The Foundation is chaired by Mr. Harold Rosen, D.FSAME (Dist.).


Individual and Corporate Giving

For more on individual and corporate giving, click here.

Donate to the SAME Foundation

Founding Donor Campaign

The Foundation closed the Foundation Donor Campaign on December 31, 2020. Thank you to all those who contributed to the campaign to continue the Foundation's important work of fostering engineering leadership for the nation.

View the list of Founding Donors.


Planned Giving

Planned giving provides SAME members a way to add to their philanthropic legacy by contributing as part of their estate planning. A planned gift ensures the SAME Foundation is supported well into the future. It represents a donor's commitment to the long-term impact of the Foundation.

For more information, please contact the Foundation at


Donating Stocks

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy and tax-effective way for you to make a gift to the SAME Foundation.

Benefits of gifts of stocks and bonds

  • Avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated stock
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction
  • Further our mission today

How to make a gift of stocks and bonds

By electronic transfer - Please contact us for instructions on how you can transfer stock or bonds from your brokerage or investment account to the SAME Foundation.

By certified mail - If you hold securities in certificate form, you will need to mail two envelopes separately to complete your gift. In the first envelope, place the unsigned stock certificate(s). In the other envelope, include a signed stock power for each certificate. You may obtain this power from your broker or bank. Please remember to use certified mail.

More on gifts of stocks and bonds

There are special rules for valuing a gift of stock. The value of a charitable gift of stock is determined by taking the mean between the high and low stock price on the date of the gift. Mutual fund shares are valued using the closing price for the fund on the date of the gift.

Contact us

If you have any questions about gifts of stocks and bonds, please contact the Foundation at We would be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you have.

Investing in SAME

The Foundation engages the philanthropic community by identifying Society programs worthy of donor investment. Program outcomes present a diversity of impact that ensures the Society endures for the next 100 years. Visit Program Impact to learn more about the impact the Foundation is making by supporting programs like the Leader Development Program.

Leader Development Program

Through support from the Foundation, SAME launched the Leader Development Program (LDP) to identify and cultivate talent from within SAME’s membership to address the nation’s grand challenges. The program supports the development of the next generation of world-class military, government, and industry leaders for the Society and our nation through a curriculum of hands-on training, study, and active engagement in new opportunities. The year-long program begins at JETC and concludes at the following JETC. Learn more about LDP.

Read about the program in the SAME Bricks and Clicks blog.

To learn more about the LDP projects, click here for a feature in the Nov/Dec TME issue.


Working with the network of SAME Posts, volunteers, and sponsors, and support from the SAME Foundation, the Society of American Military Engineers develops, maintains, and grows a variety of camps to provide in-person experiences to students interested in exploring STEM-related skills and careers. The net outcome is more STEM professionals available to meet needs of our nation. To learn more, visit our camps page.

Camp Alumni Scholarships

The Foundation supports a scholarship program for Engineering & Construction camp alumni. Qualified applicants must have attended a SAME Engineering & Construction Camp, are currently high-school seniors preparing to enter college, and will major in engineering, architecture, or an engineering-related field. Learn more about these scholarships.

Camp Mentoring

The Foundation supports the participation of SAME members to serve as mentors at the Engineering and Construction camps. Mentors play a vital role in providing a rigorous and supportive camp experience. By interacting with the campers, their guidance and advice, based on their own experience and education, creates strong bonds that last beyond our camps. Participants are no longer alone in their pursuit of a STEM degree. They know they have someone they can contact to get answers or support. This relationship is extremely valuable to their academic and professional trajectory. Click here for more details.


SAME Foundation Board

Harold Rosen, F.SAME (Dist.)
Foundation President and Board Chair 
Anthony Leketa*, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.), SES (Ret.)
Foundation Vice-president and Board Vice-chair
Maj. Gen. Timothy Byers*, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.) Suzanne DiGeronimo, RA, F.SAME
RADM Randall J.F. Gardner, P.E., F.SAME, USPHS (Ret.) Maj. Gen. Eugene Lupia*, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.), USAF (Ret.)
Angie Martinez, P.E., F.SAME RADM Dave Nash*, P.E., F.SAME, CEC, USN (Ret.)
Col Sal Nodjomian*, P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.) Jane Penny*, P.E., F.SAME (Dist.)
CAPT Bob Schlesinger, P.E., F.SAME, CEC, USN (Ret.) Susan Thames, F.SAME
* Past SAME National President  



Supporting Documentation

Nominating Procedures 12 Aug 19 Post Funds Policy
SAME Foundation Brief (as of Nov 2021) SAME Foundation FAQs (as of Nov 2021)
Investment Policy Guidance Stewardship Policy (as of Sept. 2019)
SAME-Foundation MOU (as of Nov. 2020) SAME Foundation Business Plan (as of 30 Oct 16)
NFP Guide_2012 Non-profit Board Fiduciary Responsibilities

Historical Documentation

SAME Foundation Bylaws(approved May 26, 2020) 08-19-21 Foundation Board Minutes
01-27-21 Foundation Board Minutes 04-28-21 Foundation Board Minutes
08-13-20 Foundation Board Minutes 11-18-20 Foundation Board Minutes
06-24-20 Foundation Board Minutes 05-26-20 Foundation Board Minutes
03-16-20 Foundation Board Minutes 01-30-20 Foundation Board Minutes
11-20-19 Foundation Board Minutes 5-7-2019 Foundation Board Minutes
3-11-19 Foundation Board Minutes 11-1-18 Foundation Board Minutes
8-31-18 Foundation Board Minutes 5-23-18_Foundation_Board_Minutes
4-9-18 Foundation Board Minutes 3-5-18 Foundation Board Minutes
11-15-17_Foundation_Board_Minutes 8-11-17 Foundation Board Minutes
5-23-17 Foundation Board Minutes 3-8-17 Foundation Board Minutes
1-26-17 Foundation Board Minutes 3-10-16 Foundation Board Minutes
4-28-16 Foundation Board Minutes 8-30-16 Foundation Board Update
9-29-16 Foundation Board Minutes Foundation Advertisement-v1-GeneralTME
Foundation Advertisement-v2-Vietnam Foundation Roll-out Concept
Foundation Board Nominating Procedures Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation SAME National Foundation 21 Mar 16 IRS Determination Letter
IRS Final 2023 May 2016 IRS Form 1023 Supplemental Information


Please check back Summer/Fall 2022 for the next recruitment cycle.

The SAME Foundation's compelling purpose is to Foster Engineering Leadership for the Nation. Each year, the Foundation seeks nominations to fill open positions on the Board of Directors to help us achieve that purpose. The three-year terms begin on January 1st, with an option for a renewal. Commitment includes 4 board meetings per year, plus committee assignments. 

If you know of an SAME member that would make a good board member, contact RADM Dave Nash, P.E., F.SAME, USN (Ret.), Chair of the Foundation Governance Committee, so we can reach out to the prospective candidate.

If you have questions, please contact Kathy Off at

The SAME Foundation is registered as a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Contributions to the SAME Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. EIN: 81-1960637