TME January-February 2023

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The January-February 2023 issue of TME features articles on Environmental Engineering, including the use of remotely operated vehicles to conduct a survey of small, federally protected fish in Alabama, ongoing biotechnology research into developing proteins able to extract rare earth elements from manufacturing and post-consumer waste, and a project at a Superfund site that needed to conduct thermal remediation under a pair of active railroad tracks. In addition, this issue features a Professional Insight on a project carried out by Engineers Without Borders to provide safe drinking water for a rural village in Tanzania.

In Society News, recap the record-setting 2022 Federal Small Business Conference, read about the “We Must Go To Them” project awarded a grant by the United Engineering Foundation to advance STEM outreach to American Indian/Alaskan Native youth, and enjoy a special interview with 103rd SAME National President Cindy Lincicome, F.SAME.

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