The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) has an extraordinarily broad group of professionals. That is what makes the society so unique. We are not a single profession talking about issues facing our nations infrastructure; we are collectively looking at the big picture to overcome challenges together. SAME is invested in providing its membership with the tools and resources to develop and advance their careers within the Architect/Engineer/Construction (A/E/C) Industry. The Credentialing Committee is meant for our members to understand the importance of credentials, what credentials apply to the A/E/C industry, and how to get and maintain them. SAME wants to provide our members with the resources to be successful in their pursuit for credentials.

What are credentials?

Licenses and accredited certifications are complementary credentials. Licenses define the individuals legally authorized services to offer regulated services to the public whereas certifications do not. Accredited certification programs have been scrutinized by one or more of the three nationally-recognized certification accreditation bodies.

Why is credentialing important?

Credentials measure an individual’s objective capabilities and technical credibility. The possession of one or more of these credentials indicates to the public that the holder’s capabilities have been vetted using regularly accepted practices.


SAME has transformed the Credentialing Community of Interest (COI) into a committee under the Young Professionals COI. The Young Professionals of SAME, those 39 or younger, are most likely to be pursuing credentialing to advance in their professional careers. SAME finds that to best deliver resources and assistance is to provide the authority of the Young Professional COI to best oversee the administration of this committee.

Organization Structure

Tim DahmsYP COI Vice-chair, Credentialing:
Tim Dahms

Committee Member:
Daniel Morgan
Marketing Director
Standard Testing and Engineering

Willie ParksYP COI Assistant Vice-chair, Credentialing:
Willie Parks
Associate Architect for RRMM Architects

Committee Member:
Capt. Kevin Yi
USA, Engineer, U.S. Army


Contact Jeannine Finton for overall questions on SAME credentialing programs and support.



Maintaining professional credentials demonstrate a level of technical competency in a specific field. For uniformed servicemembers, attaining credentials while serving in uniform improves your technical skills and increases your potential for promotion. Following your service, the same credentials can help you get a position with higher initial pay.


Credentialing Assistance Program (CAP)

The SAME Young Professionals Community of Interest is continuing the Credentialing Assistance Program (CAP) to promote the professional development of SAME Young Professionals and Enlisted Members in support of the SAME strategic plan. The CAP provides financial support for professional development, education, and mentoring initiatives to benefit SAME members.

SAME will reimburse a portion of exam sitting or registration fees for Young Professionals as well as reimburse for costs of testing prep and training materials upon passing of an exam. The full program details and application are located in the links below. For other questions regarding the program and to submit your application, please contact Tim Dahms, YP Vice-chair for Credentialing.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

View the full program details. [PDF] | Download the application form. [PDF]

Military COOL Websites

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard credentialing opportunity online (COOL) portals highlight nationally recognized engineering and related credentials to help military engineers shape their career development while in uniform and upon transition to the private sector.

Learn more about COOL

Transition from Military to Construction

Build Your Future is a recruiting and image enhancement initiative under the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) , which is the accrediting body for the construction and maintenance industries. They develop curricula and assessments,  and provide credentials and certifications that are industry recognized. If you are an engineer Soldier or Seabee, you can easily crosswalk the industrial trades versus the Army Engineer MOS or Seabee Ratings, using the credentialing portal through Build Your Future. (We are also working to develop crosswalks for USAF and USCG occupational specialties.)

Credentialing and Certification Programs

Project Management Institute



















Cable Installers Certifications


  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Essentials (CGP-E™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Remote Sensing & Imagery Analysis (CGP-R™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Geospatial Data Management (CGP-D™)